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How She Boosted Her Strength, Stamina, and Lean Muscle Mass Over 40

by Natalie Fisk

When Kirsten Weaver turned 40 she noticed that her already healthy choices weren’t cutting it anymore.  

“I noticed that the odd meal out would immediately go to my hips or tummy and didn't come off as easily. The more I worked out, the more tired I got, and I just wasn't seeing progress. I needed to change things up.”

Kirsten found BUFFnation and hasn’t looked back.  

“I started with one class a week and while I've never been the fitness class or gym membership type, I found that having that commitment and accountability, similar to being on a sports team, helped me stay motivated and engaged.”

Kirsten kept up with one class a week for two years and then added in a daily morning walk. 

She started to see a change in her body composition.  

“I definitely noticed a huge shift in muscle tone and an increase in body confidence.”

When the pandemic hit, Kirsten increased her workouts to twice per week by attending BUFFnation’s FREE Sweat Saturday class. 

“I felt a huge improvement in my mood, energy levels and strength.”

Kirsten has become very in tune with her body and finds she feels her absolute best when she gets in 3 classes per week (all from the comfort of her own home!). 

“I enjoy the online platform as I am able to commit to more classes each week and attend classes with instructors I normally wouldn't be able to due to location and time. I love the flexibility to catch re-broads and do the classes when it fits my schedule.”

Slowing down and being present 

Kirsten makes her daily morning walks in the forest a priority. She often sees the sunrise, catches sight of deer, and allows herself space to breathe. 

“This pandemic has taught me it's ok, even necessary, to slow down and be present in the moment. Everything doesn't have to be documented and caught on film. Some of the best memories are just fleeting moments of pure joy!”

Kirsten has become aware of the positive impact mindfulness and gratitude have on her well-being.  

She has made small shifts toward incorporating mindfulness into her days, such as listening to a guided meditation each night at bedtime with her daughter. 

On being a role model

Kirsten has two daughters and as we all know, kids are always watching!  

“I model a healthy, active lifestyle for my girls and ditch the ‘perfect body image’ that has been fed to me forever. We celebrate every body, shape and size for all the amazing things the body can do.”

On getting started

“You don't have to go gangbusters and workout every day, and follow every nutrition improvement to a tee; you'll burn out and easily revert to your former ways.

Start slow, listen to your body, get used to the activity until it becomes a habit, then change it up: add an extra workout, try a new instructor or level or pick a new nutrition element to focus on. 

There is no finish line. Healthy habits are fluid and ever-changing. Learn to listen to your body and know when it's time to change things up, or even slow down! 

The most important project you will ever work on is yourself.” 

Wow!  Kirsten, what inspiring words for all of us!  

You are incredible! Keep working towards your goals - we are with you 100%! 


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