Success Stories!

"Success is the sum of small efforts - repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier

True Inner and Outer Strength

This is 37! 😃
Gina feels incredible.
She’s fit, strong, and positive.

The mother of two from Drumbo, Ontario,
has been crushing her BUFFnation Platform workouts
three times a week, consistently for the past few years,
building true strength from the inside out.

“I think my mindset has changed the most since joining this program,” says Gina.

“I now work out because I actually enjoy it, not to punish myself for not looking a certain way. Read More

Down Two Sizes and Super Motivated

“Just turned 45, but feel like 30!", exclaims Sara! And what an awesome way of looking at life.
This senior nursing manager from Burlington, ON has
been crushing it within our BUFFnation program, and
feels amazing. 
Not only is Sara down two sizes,
but she’s stronger, more disciplined,
and has also shifted her mindset. READ MORE 

Down 10 Pounds and 14 Inches

Wow. What an incredible journey for BUFFnation member Heather B. Not only did she drop over 14 inches and 10 pounds in just six weeks, but she also experienced a mega mindset shift!

“I shouldn’t settle for the body and energy that I “think” I’m capable of,” says Heather.

“I am capable of much more when I put my mind and heart into it.
I realized that I do have control to work on the things that I CAN change - like eating better, working out, and in turn, having more energy and feeling better about myself overall.”

Way to go Heather! Incredible job. We're so proud of you! 🙌 ⭐️


How She Harnessed the Power of her Mindset to Improve her Life

There’s a great quote by Steve Maraboli,

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”

And that couldn’t be more true for Angie Busby-Bross.

The 48-year-old has experienced a major transformation,

Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually too.

“I can see a change from looking at my pictures,” says Angie.

Since joining BUFFnation, she is down more than 15 inches. Wow!

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50 and Fabulous with Elevated Self-Confidence and Commitment to Herself!

Life has felt like a roller coaster ride for a while now. 

Shannon has been riding that coaster, but has reached a new level of confidence in 2021! 

Since joining BUFFnation in March, she feels amazing, both physically and emotionally.

“The BUFFnation family has given me the support to keep me motivated, and the way I feel has given me new-found confidence.”

The pandemic allowed Shannon time to slow down and reflect on her life. 

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How Improving Mindset and Increasing Muscle has Led to a Happier Life at 52 

This past spring, something very cool happened to Jillian Henderson.

When she pulled out an old pair of shorts from high school (from more than 36 years ago!!!)  - they fit.

“I feel less bloated and more energized than before,” says the now 52-year-old Jillian. “I walk taller. I like what I see when I catch my image in a plate or glass window”


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How She Boosted Her Strength, Stamina, and Lean Muscle Mass Over 40

When Kirsten Weaver turned 40 she noticed that her already healthy choices weren’t cutting it anymore.  

“I noticed that the odd meal out would immediately go to my hips or tummy and didn't come off as easily. The more I worked out, the more tired I got, and I just wasn't seeing progress. I needed to change things up.”

Kirsten found BUFFnation and hasn’t looked back.  

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This is 51! Climbing to New Heights

“If someone had asked me 10 years ago if I wanted to climb this,

it probably would’ve been a hard NO!  Because I’ve heard stories about that climb.”

But, in June 2021, at 51 years of age, Karen did it!

A gruelling 20 km and 35,000 steps later, she can now claim that she too, has also hiked that beast of a trail. 

“What a gratifying feeling to know that I dug so deep and was way out of my comfort zone and got it done!”

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Building Strength and Resilience One Workout at a Time

Not only does she have to keep tightening those belts, but Nancy H. feels physically and mentally stronger. 
This past year has been difficult for so many of us - but on top of dealing with a pandemic, Nancy's also had to manage her husband's illness.
Despite this added stress, she has stayed committed to her health and wellness, because it makes her stronger and more resilient.
Nancy, we're so proud of you and your commitment to taking care of YOU.

Turning Excuses into Opportunities

We all know how difficult it's been to
stay on track with workouts
in the midst of a pandemic.
A big shout out to all of our incredible members who have been crushing it over the past 18 months,
Including Lorrie T! 
She credits her success to consistency, convenient online workouts, and a shift in mindset where she "get to workout" instead of “has to”! She is down one size and eight pounds!


Down Inches, Up Energy, And Feeling Fantstic

Like so many other women, when Erin turned the big 4-0 – things seemed different with her body.

“After turning 40 this year, I felt like my body just took on a mind of its own, I wasn’t looking or feeling so good.”

Erin says she was unhappy with her health and felt lost and desperate to find balance. 

She joined BUFFnation shortly after the pandemic started after learning about the program through a work presentation on wellness. 

Since then she’s experienced incredible results, including dropping a total of 9 inches. She says HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and resistance training with weights (essential’s at BUFFnation), have given her better results in a shorter amount of time.

Read the full story on our blog. Click Here

Physically and Mentally Strong

For many of us, 2020 has been a difficult and challenging time. And Sarah Cain is no different. But in addition to dealing with the day-to-day stresses of a pandemic, she's had to overcome other challenges.

“My dad was diagnosed with kidney cancer, had a heart attack, and had surgery to remove the cancer. This was in addition to my mom undergoing breast cancer treatment. It’s been really difficult not to be with family during this time. Having the support of my husband and having the routine of doing the BUFFnation classes has helped immensely with the stress.” Sarah says.  

For many, all the extra stress may have resulted in missed workouts and getting off-track, but not Sarah. She kept going - and is still working hard.

Read the full story on our blog. Click Here

Fit and Fabulous in Her 50's 

Nancy Easton will be 57 in December and is in fabulous shape.

“I feel better and have more energy than I have had in a very long time.” She exclaims.

Nancy says her arms are more defined, her clothes are loose, and she is physically stronger. And one of the best perks of all to her healthy and active lifestyle – is how she feels on the inside. Nancy has found that her exercise, nutrition and mindset program is helping her better the day-to-day stresses of being a full-time Registered nurse working in a fast-paced Outpatient Clinic.

“Working during a pandemic adds many more layers of complexity to daily situations. Since I have been exercising on a regular basis over the past few months, I have noticed I can deal with the stress and unexpected situations that arise in a clearer and more objective manner. I feel calmer on the inside.”

Before the pandemic, Nancy used to attend in-person classes a few times a week. Now that BUFFnation has gone virtual, she calls it a game-changer and finds it easier to get in more workouts.

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Improved Strength in Both Mind and Body at 41

Becky Kieswetter looks and feels fantastic.

“My arms are toning up and I'm losing some of the upper belly bloat. My legs feel stronger and I've definitely increased my core strength - I can actually feel my obliques.”
The 41-year old Waterloo resident has been working hard since our program went virtual this past spring. She says creating an exercise routine has been key in helping her deal with the extra stresses a pandemic can bring.
 “We all need an outlet to unwind and this is mine. Sticking to my classes has helped to make things feel somewhat normal in a time where so much is different.”

Read the full story on our blog. Click Here

43 and Fabulous!

At the start of 2020, Rocio Vizcarra made a commitment.

She pledged to take better care of her health and make herself a priority.

The past two years had been filled with physiotherapy and acupuncture due to a chronic leg injury. Now that she fully recovered, it was time to get back to her fitness goals.

And everything was going great until March when the Pandemic hit.

It would have been so easy to quit – but instead, Rocio kept going.

Although she could no longer attend in-person classes, she could continue to attend virtual ones. And that's exactly what she did.

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Stronger, More Positive at 42!

A shift in mindset. Increased energy. And more than 25 pushups from her toes!

“I had always told myself it’s too hard,” explains Cambridge's Antonella Bartolo. “But I have grown so much in strength. I feel so much stronger. “

Since March, Antonella has been faithfully attending virtual classes 4 to 5 times a week. Not only has she noticed an improvement in physical strength – but mental strength too. 

“It’s not I can’t – but instead I will do this!” she explains.

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This is 51!

Sheila Bairos just celebrated her 51st birthday feeling healthy, fit and fabulous.

Since this past March when the pandemic hit, Sheila has been working out more from her home (thanks to the convenience of virtual classes), focusing on her nutrition, and building her mindset for success.

The result? An incredibly fit and motivated woman!

One of the biggest improvements has been the relationship she has with herself.

“I’ve achieved commitment, and following through with what I say I’m going to do. Just even bringing my workouts on my vacation and not missing a day, I didn’t do that before. I had the excuse, I’m on holidays and so is my fitness. Not anymore!”

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Achieves Personal Best During Pandemic

A special shout-out to Buff Mom member Amanda Potter! 

She’s achieved a personal best in the @lululemon virtual run.  

She did 10K in 50 minutes and 11 seconds – which is an average time of 5:01 a kilometre. Three of the 10 K’s were in the 4-minute range!

Read the full story on our blog. Click Here

Staying Positive During Pandemic 

The last few months have been a difficult time for so many. And it has been exceptionally difficult for Sarah Lopes. 
“There were days I was so scared and stressed about work,” she explains.
Sarah is a frontline healthcare worker at a long-term care facility in Waterloo Region.
When one of the residents tested positive for COVID 19 in June, she had to self-isolate – away from her family. She lived in a hotel for a few days, and then a residence building on the Wilfrid Laurier University campus.
As you could imagine, being separated from her family was extremely stressful. Not only was she away from those she loved the most (her husband and two little girls, 4 and 6), but she felt like her life had been turned upside down. 
To keep herself sane, positive, and balanced – she turned to exercise! That’s right, working out! Sarah logged into LIVE Buff Mom workouts from her WLU dorm!

Read the full story on our blog. Click Here

Staying Active and Strong

😫 Getting out of a cozy bed at 6 AM for a high-energy workout is tough for so many of us, but imagine how tough it would be when you’re almost 30 weeks pregnant?
💪 “I'm really proud of myself for getting up early every Tuesday and Thursday morning,” says Tamara Maciel. “Sometimes it's hard to leave the comfort of bed but I always know I'll feel amazing after pushing myself through!”
Unlike her first two pregnancies, Tamara has been working out regularly from the very start. She’s learned to safely modify exercises to accommodate her growing belly and is feeling great.

Read the full story on our blog. Click Here

Her Best Self Ever!

In the above photo, Jennifer Hyland McFarlane tries on new clothes and wishes she had sized down - such an incredible feeling!

“This is the only program where I truly see results! I feel so much more energetic and I can see and feel the difference in my body”. She has also celebrated some personal bests, including being able to hold a plank for over 1 minute – so amazing! 💪🏼

Jennifer has been working so hard each and every week, staying committed and accountable to her workouts and getting stronger every day. By the end of the last session, she had lost an incredible 8 inches! 🥳
Read the full story on our blog. Click Here

Canoe Trip Ready!

To say Susan Tremblett has improved her physical strength is an understatement. A more appropriate term would be that she’s crushing it! 

And that was very clear as she was preparing for her six-day backcountry canoe trip, practicing lifting her 42-pound canoe over her head without help, plus carrying an almost 23-pound back-pack, a full kilometre before taking a break. Wow!

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An Incredible Transformation

Meet CherylIn just six weeks ... She’s down 11 inches Now doing push-ups from her toes.And more energy, confidence and feels great.

BN: “What have you learned about yourself over the past six weeks?”

Here’s her response:

  • How important nutrition is in combination with exercise 
  • That writing goals/small steps down and checking in with them each day helps keep me accountable
  • That I can do hard things - being active is hard, drinking water is hard, eating clean is hard and mastery of those hard things is a huge spirit boost
  • That I can be successful with a program

Way to go Cheryl!

We are so proud of you!

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Down 14 Inches

Meet Tamara,

In just six weeks …
She's down 14 inches,
‍Feels more calm and peaceful. 
Plus she’s physically and emotionally stronger.
“None of this has felt like a diet. This is just simply a series of small steps that are designed to make you feel better, be healthier.”
When asked her top tips for success, Tamara shared the following:
1) Focus on the things you CAN do!
2) Be kind to yourself.
3) Set small steps.
Her advice to someone getting started is to start small.
“This program provides so many great resources and workouts,

but it can be overwhelming to think about making a lot of changes at once. Instead, pick one thing, like the workouts, and set a reasonable goal for yourself to attend 2-3 workouts in a week. Once that becomes routine you can focus on other aspects like water or nutrition. You don’t need to...

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Down 13 inches. Overflowing with self-love

An internal transformation like no other.

“I am worthy, I am enough, I am loveable.” 

Kaeli’s mantra is so powerful.

“My body wasn't going to change no matter how hard I tried unless I changed my limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs.”

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An Incredible Transformation

Meet CherylIn just six weeks ... She’s down 11 inches Now doing push-ups from her toes.And more energy, confidence and feels great.

BN: “What have you learned about yourself over the past six weeks?”

Here’s her response:

  • How important nutrition is in combination with exercise 
  • That writing goals/small steps down and checking in with them each day helps keep me accountable
  • That I can do hard things - being active is hard, drinking water is hard, eating clean is hard and mastery of those hard things is a huge spirit boost
  • That I can be successful with a program

Way to go Cheryl!

We are so proud of you!

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Down 14 Inches

Meet Tamara,

In just six weeks …
She's down 14 inches,
‍Feels more calm and peaceful. 
Plus she’s physically and emotionally stronger.
“None of this has felt like a diet. This is just simply a series of small steps that are designed to make you feel better, be healthier.”
When asked her top tips for success, Tamara shared the following:
1) Focus on the things you CAN do!
2) Be kind to yourself.
3) Set small steps.
Her advice to someone getting started is to start small.
“This program provides so many great resources and workouts,

but it can be overwhelming to think about making a lot of changes at once. Instead, pick one thing, like the workouts, and set a reasonable goal for yourself to attend 2-3 workouts in a week. Once that becomes routine you can focus on other aspects like water or nutrition. You don’t need to...

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Mind and Body Transformation

Steph Vucko feels incredible.

“I am feeling super energized, my mindset is great, and I'm very optimistic and happy,” explains the Kitchener, ON mother of two.
“I'm comfortable in my skin, and I've never felt so strong, healthy and proud.”
Her Transformation
Stephanie has been working hard over the past six months.
Increasing her workouts, fine-tuning her nutrition, and shifting her mindset to see exercise and healthy living as long-term investments into herself and her future.
Since the fall, she’s not only transformed her physique (she has dropped over 35 pounds), but has also become more energetic, positive and is living a healthy, fit and vibrant life - doing things she never thought possible.
 “Burpees, crab jacks or even push-ups from my toes,” exclaims Stephanie.
 “From the...

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Stronger, Energized and Sleeping Better!

💪 Some would cringe at the thought of waking up super early for a workout class via Livestream, but not Sue McPhail.

“I am a morning person, so I love early virtual classes and the numerous recorded classes that I can do at my convenience.”

Most days before working from home at her full-time job, she gets in a Buff Mom workout either inside her house or more recently since the nice weather hit, outdoors on her beautiful rural property.

Not only is she taking care of her physical health, but her mental well-being too – something that’s so essential during this unprecedented time.

Read the full story on our blog. Click Here

Fit During Quarantine

💪 She feels fabulous. Has more energy. She’s even using her puffer less!

Luanne Rousseau has been working out with the Buff Mom virtual program since the start of quarantine – and has been doing an awesome job.

❤️ She has increased her strength, built up her cardio, and firmed up her abs.

“I am able to do so much more now, and I feel great,” she exclaims.

But it’s about more than just physical strength for Luanne. It’s also about staying healthy and mentally strong to take care of her family – especially during this unprecedented time.

Read the full story on our blog. Click Here

New Frame of Mind

⭐️ She is down 9.5 inches and 10 pounds within the last few months!  

“Maybe this lockdown isn’t such a bad thing,” exclaims Janet.

Even though she’s experienced incredible results physically - the big shift is with her mindset. 

❤️ Janet says that she has noticed a pattern of self-sabotage and negative thinking (we absolutely get it Janet, we all deal with this!), and is now focused on reframing those negative thinking habits into ones that serve her, and move her towards her goals. And it’s going really well!

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They Fit!

Look at that incredible smile!
A big shout out to Jennifer H.
💪 She has been part of our Jump Start Unlimited program – and has been working so hard!
⭐️ “Very proud moment this morning,” she writes. “I was able to put on these shorts, and not only did they fit, they are comfortable to sit in. I had pushed these shorts to the back of my closet last summer because I couldn't do them up. I am just beaming with self-confidence. Thank you Buff Mom trainers for all that you do!!! (By the way, my shirt says "Life isn't easy. Life isn't perfect. Life is good." - words I try to live by).
Full Story on our blog.  Click Here

Down 4 Sizes!

Lisa and her daughter, Selena have enjoyed being part of our Stroller Shred program since April. 

Lisa says that after her workouts she feels more energy and clarity which she certainly needs to keep up with her 2 kids!

Since April, Lisa has dropped 11.5 inches and 4 dress sizes!!

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Small Steps to Success!

Helen has been working hard at The Buff Waterloo and Kitchener since August and has seen such amazing changes in her body composition and mindset. 

Setting small steps each week and staying consistent have been key to Helen's success.

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Down Over 40 Inches!

Improved strength, jeans that are too big, and no more cravings!

These are just some of the perks to Brenda's new healthy lifestyle. 

This Cambridge mom has been working hard both in and out of boot camp classes, and has experienced amazing success. Not only is she down 41.5 inches, she has completely overhauled her habits - saying goodbye to chocolate, sugar, and other processed foods. 

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Down 25 Inches!

Jen Trotman is fit, confident and full of energy.

 "I can run faster. Go for longer walks. I am more flexible and have way more energy," she says.

The 36 year old has been working hard both at class and at home, and is down 25 inches.

How did she do it? Click below to find out.

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Down 7 Sizes!

Each morning Billie-Jean Marion loads up her two sons Carter (4) and Major (2) into her double jogging stroller, and sets out on a three kilometre walk around her Kitchener neighbourhood.

“I love it,” says the 28 year old mom. “It feels great.”

Not only can Billie-Jean push that double stroller with ease (with the kids inside it’s about 65 pounds or so), she does so with energy, strength, and positivity – both during and after the walk.

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Janelle's Success

Push-ups from her toes. Taking part in 5 K races. Enjoying a healthy and clean lifestyle.

These are just some of the perks to Janelle’s amazing transformation. This mother of three has dropped 31-inches, is wearing pre-baby clothes, and looks amazing!

 “I'm about a size 8, which is the closest I've been to my before-children size in 6 years!” exclaims Janelle. 

How did she do it? Read more to find out.

Down 30.5 Inches

Jackie's been sticking to a workout schedule of four times per week, and most of these workouts are done in her basement during the wee hours of the morning (4:30 am) using The Buff Mom TV Mobile Fitness. In addition to her busy workout schedule and mom duties, Jackie is also renovating her home and working full time as a nurse!

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Down 55 Inches

Kim Tolton has gone through an incredible transformation. She has dropped 55 inches and has gone down six dress sizes.

"I haven't been this size since high school and I feel great!" she exclaims.

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Mom of Three Drops 30 Inches

She has more energy, a new job, and more confidence! Forty-two year old Fran Fancett has experienced fantastic results with The Buff Mom Boot Camp. Not only is she down 30 inches, she has experienced a great mindset shift and now loves exercise! Here's more on how the mother of three made the transformation from a size 12 to a size 8. Read Fran's Full Story

Down 21 Inches

If you attend classes in Cambridge, you’ll recognize Luanne Rousseau. This mother of two in her 50’s, is one inspiring lady. After joining the The Buff Mom Boot Camp earlier this year, Luanne has transformed her body, increased her energy and is super-strong and fit. “I can do burpees now,” she exclaims. Awesome job Luanne! Here’s more on how she dropped 21 inches. Read Luanne's Full Story

A Great Inspiration

Carri Poole is a fit, energetic and motivating Buff Mom instructor in Thunder Bay.What many may not know, is that Carri is a super inspiring Buff Mom Success Story.The mother of six joined the program as a member back in early 2014, and dropped almost 10 dress sizes. She has maintained this inch loss and looks amazing. Read Carri's Full Story.

Size 12 to a Size 6

This Cambridge mother of two has gone through an amazing transformation. Tania Mulley has dropped 33 inches since joining The Buff Mom Boot Camp this past fall.  She credits Buff Mom classes, videospodcasts, clean eating and a positive mindset for her success. Here's more in this one-on-one interview. Read Tania's Full Story.

Down 35.5 Inches

Allison Palis has dropped 35.5 inches since joining The Buff Mom Boot Camp. Her secret? Buff Mom classes, videos, and a mindset shift. Here is what she had to say about her accomplishment. Read Allison's Full Story.

Laura's Amazing Transformation

Laura MacNeil is wearing something now that she never thought possible, a two-piece bathing suit. "It feels fantastic," exclaims Laura. The Stratford mother of one has undergone an amazing transformation, shedding 35 inches. The turning point for Laura was after a trip to Mexico with her family. She was a size 14/16 and knew it was time to make some changes. "I wanted to commit to myself to be determined to shed some weight. No more excuses." Shortly after Laura returned from her trip, she joined The Buff Mom Boot Camp in Stratford. Although she already belonged to a gym, she wanted to try something different and saw the success of other participants in the program.

"Two days after the class I knew it was altogether different (than the gym)," explains Laura. "Every muscle in my body was screaming at me, because it had worked. It was a good hurt and I knew this class was going to give me the results I was looking for."After Laura completed her first six-week session, attending just once a week, she had dropped a total of 12.5 inches, becoming the session winner. Laura continued in the program. In addition to her Buff Mom class, she also did two cardio sessions at the gym, and fine-tuned her food to include healthy snacks like fresh salsa and guacamole. Laura also started to eat breakfast and kept healthy food options at work just in case she was rushed in the morning.

We're so proud of you Laura!

An Inspiration to Others

Skinny jeans used to be something other people wore, but now they are one of Laura Williams' favourite pieces in her closet. "It's nice not to feel self-conscious when I get dressed. I also love that after 18 years with Matt (her husband) I still catch his eye!" The 34-year old dental hygienist is fit, toned and feels fantastic after shedding more than 25 inches through The Buff Mom Boot Camp. Laura started the program shortly after giving birth to her third child. She admits the first few classes were challenging, especially since she had never exercised before, but Laura persevered and saw great results, dropping 11 inches after just six weeks of training.

In addition to her Buff Mom workouts, Laura also overhauled her nutrition. "I was a sugar addict! When I was bored, stressed or tired I would eat sweets," explains Laura. Laura now eats a balanced diet consisting of lean protein, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and fruits. Her entire family is on board too, eating healthy, well-balanced meals and on occasion joining her for a Buff Mom home workout. She has gone from a size 10 to a size 4. The most important lesson she has learned through this entire process is the importance of taking time for herself. "I don't need to feel guilty because it makes me a better wife and mom when I take care of myself. Exercise helps me eliminate stress. I'm much more patient and tolerant when I workout."

Laura has maintained her 25-inch loss by creating a new healthy lifestyle one step at a time. She has experienced such tremendous success; she now wants to inspire others to do the same. Last fall she became a Can Fit Pro and Buff Mom Certified fitness instructor. Laura now instructs The Buff Mom Boot Camp St. George / Brantford. "I'm looking forward to sharing my experiences with other women and motivating them to be the best they can be," says Laura. Her advice for others who want to get started? "Just try it! You will be surprised at what you can accomplish when you are willing to change."

Post Natal Shape Up Success

Fay Sukert is fit, toned and feels amazing. "I am in the best shape of my life," she exclaims. "I just have so much energy!" The busy mother of two has shed over18 inches since joining The Buff Mom Boot Camp. Fay is now a size zero, something she never thought possible, especially after having children. "The fact is it's not always easy shedding the weight after having a baby and I knew I needed to do something that was going to be effective especially for the mid section."

Fay joined The Buff Mom last fall, after hearing about the program from a friend. Although she was going to a gym at the time, she wanted a more personalized approach to training and someone to be accountable to. After her very first class, Fay says she was hooked. "I loved it, it was challenging and fun. I remember lying on the mat (during the post workout cool down), I thought to myself ... how powerful is this? I completed my first workout in a year. My baby is six weeks old and I can do this!"

In addition to her weekly class, Fay worked out at home with The Buff Mom Member's Area and on-line workout videos ... all while her kids were napping. Aside from her workouts, Fay also changed her food. "I was eating junk throughout the day," she says. Fay cleaned up her nutrition and started to incorporate lean protein, green veggies, healthy fats and whole grains. The result? One fit mama!

Over 20 Inches in Just Six Weeks

Late night snacks. High-sugar foods. And lack of routine. The past five years of university life had really taken their toll on Becky Anderson. "I had no energy. I didn't feel attractive. I constantly hid in sweatpants and sweatshirts," she says.

Becky decided to take action and started running and lifting weights. She spent about an hour and a half in the gym five days a week. Three months later, she was down just two pounds, and was extremely exhausted. "I felt disappointed. I still had no energy. I still felt unattractive. But this time I felt utterly crushed."

About the same time, her sister Amber (who had experienced amazing results with the program) invited her to come along to The Buff Mom Boot Camp. Becky, who was not a mom, decided to give it a try and came to Tabata Night (a form of high intensity interval training). Although her muscles were sore the next day, she says she felt great and was motivated to continue the program. Becky also made some changes to her diet, ditching the processed high sugar foods and replacing them with lean protein, lots of veggies, and healthy fats. Six weeks later she shed a total of 24.5 inches, winning The Buff Mom Spring Inch Loss Challenge. Not only did she shed inches though, but Becky also learned an important lesson.

"YOU are your biggest enemy, worst critic and most secret sabotage," she explains. "So when you're checking yourself out in the mirror and pointing out all of your flaws to yourself, focus instead on the positives: What you've already accomplished, what you would like to accomplish and how you can attain it!!"

Size 18 to an Eight

An amazing accomplishment for Amber Lunn. The 37-year old has gone from a size 18 to an eight, increased her fitness level, and improved her mindset. Most importantly, she did it all, one step at a time.

L: What was the turning point for you when it came to your weight?

A: My turning point came when I wanted to run into a shop that was my old faithful and returned home because nothing fit, it was official I was a plus size. I was a size 18 and hated every inch of it.

L: What old habits were holding you back?

A: Poor eating habits, sedentary lifestyle, lack of vision for myself, and allowing work and food to be the excuse. Oh and excuses, excuses, excuses...

L: Why did you join the buff mom boot camp?

A: Eating lunch and talking with colleagues about how I wanted to get active and lose some weight sparked up a conversation about Buff Mom. A referral and a small ignition of a flame called love for exercise brought me to signup for my first Buff Mom session.

L: Describe how you felt after your first Buff Mom class?

A: Once the class was over I felt accomplished, successful and sweaty.

L: How many inches have you shed?

A: So far I have lost a total of 38.5 inches and I'm wearing a size 8.

L: What are you doing now that you never thought possible when you started?

A: Most women have that section in their closet of clothes that they want too fit into again, I did something I never thought I would. I gave those clothes away because they were too big. (L: Way to go Amber!)

L: What lessons have you learned through this process?

A: I learned that this is a journey and it will take time. That's when the philosophy of goal setting really kicked in to help me with my timing. My first goal was to goal set one thing each week. SMALL GOALS = SUCCESS is really working for me and some weeks are better then others.

L: Do you have any advice for others who are where you were when you started?

A: My advise to those of you who are reading this, set a goal and try it out, if you're not happy at the end of the week try again, you'll surprise yourself.

L: What's next?

A: I've taught myself to stop wishing for inch loss and to start working for it! You'll see me at boot camp working on my goal for that week.

Amber we are so proud of you and your success, you are a true inspiration!

Leading By Example

Like so many busy moms, soccer games and hockey practice became Tammy's number one priority. By the time her second son was born, she had gone from a size six to a size 14. She tried to shed the weight, but was never successful. "I used my kids and being busy as a way to justify my weight gain." She hid the extra pounds in baggy pants and over-sized T shirts, and said she never had the confidence to wear a dress.

One evening she came into the room wearing a nightgown, and her son commented on how beautiful she looked. Tammy was overwhelmed with emotion, and said that was a major turning point for her.

"I wanted to teach them confidence and a healthy lifestyle," she explained. "I can't just be the mom on the sidelines, I have to lead by example." Not only did she add regular weekly workouts, but Tammy also cleaned up her nutrition. The results? Over 20 inches in six weeks!

"I Don't Even Recognize Myself"

This past summer Tara Braniff did something she never thought possible. The 33 year old mother of two bought a pair of size six shorts ... and they were loose!! I've never fit into a size six," says Tara. "It feels unbelievable!" The Kitchener Personal Support Worker joined the Buff Mom Boot Camp last January, 10 weeks after giving birth to her daughter Tessa.Throughout her pregnancy she had gained 65 pounds, and had come to her first class as a size 16.

Within a few short weeks, things started to change. Her energy levels increased, her moods improved and her clothes were getting loose. Six weeks later she had dropped 13 ½ inches and was motivated to keep going. To date she has shed 39 inches and feels fantastic. "Sometimes I look in the mirror and I don't even recognize myself," she exclaims.

Tara, who has always exercised, attributes her success to working out less and eating more. Instead of three square meals a day, Tara now has five mini ones packed with protein, whole grains and vegetables. She does her Buff Mom workout three times a week and drinks lots of water.

"This is the smallest I've ever been!"

For the first time in her life, Marcy Sitt pulled on a pair of size two pants and felt amazing.

"This feels great, this feels awesome," says the Palmerston mother of three. "This is the smallest I've ever been!"

When she first started The Buff Mom Boot Camp last February, she was wearing a size 16. Within the first six weeks she dropped 15.5 inches. Her success continued and now she's smaller than before she had kids. What's her secret?

Marcy includes protein with every meal, watches her sugar intake, drinks lots of water and does her Buff Mom Workout three to four times a week. But the biggest motivator for Marcy is her pledge to stay healthy for her children.

"I've lost seven aunts and uncles to colon cancer, plus I also lost my father to the disease," she explains. "I knew I was going down a very bad path, and I wanted to make changes."

"I feel very empowered. I feel like I can do anything!"

Kitchener Mom Drops Five Sizes

This past summer when Shauna Boniface attended a wedding in Chicago, she did something she never thought possible, the mother of three showed up looking absolutely amazing in a Banana Republic Dress. "I had never shopped in a "normal" girls store before," said Shauna. "I had always shopped at the plus size stores." It wasn't until her family (who has been extremely supportive of her healthy lifestyle), encouraged her to give it a try. "As I stood in the dressing room (at Banana Republic) with the dress zipped up and staring at myself in the mirror, I started crying. Not just because (the dress) fit, but because I had waited so long to feel pretty, to feel worthy, to just plain feel something about myself that wasn't negative or ugly. In that moment, I can't describe how proud I was of myself! How great I felt! This was the payoff...I bought the dress!"

Shauna started The Buff Mom at a size 24. She joined shortly after her doctor had prescribed medication for her high blood pressure. After just six weeks of adding exercise to her regime and focusing on healthy, low sugar foods, she was down 21.5 inches. To date she has dropped over five sizes and is a 14. Although she has experienced great success, she admits maintaining her inch loss can sometimes be challenging, but she's determined. "I know from experience, you have to be ready, you have to be honest with your whole self. Surround yourself with supporters, even just one or two people that you can go to when times get tough."

Shauna has a group of women in the program who support each others health and fitness goals. She comes to class once a week, and does The Buff Mom Home Workout Videos twice a week. She even admits she may have a slight "exercise addiction" because it makes her feel so good when it's done. "I have learned how incredibly strong and determined I am. How when you want something so bad, it is inside each of us...we all have what it takes to obtain any goal we set out to accomplish. We just have to decide! And then commit!" And by the way, Shauna is now off of that blood pressure medication! Congratulations Shauna, we are all so proud of you!

Fit at Forty!

Energetic, fit and feeling fantastic. Michelle McGrath turned 40 this past July, and was in her best shape ever.

"I am the smallest I have ever been," says Michelle. "This has increased my self confidence in so many ways."

Michelle's transformation started a few years ago when she cleaned up her diet and started to interval train. Seeing amazing changes in her body, she wanted to share this with others. In January 2014 she helped launched the Thunder Bay location of The Buff Mom Boot Camp. Throughout her entire transformation, Michelle has gone from a size 12, to a size two; something she never thought possible.

"I told myself that I was not meant to be small, that I had a bigger frame, it was genetics, and that I didn't want to give up my life. I was wrong, " explains Michelle. "What I didn't realize was that my portions were not controlled, and splurging was more frequent than not, and my workouts were not effective."

Michelle says she has learned first hand a simple equation for success; to do everything in moderation. Five or six days out of seven, she eats clean, focusing on lean meats, veggies, complex carbs and healthy fats. On the weekends, she enjoys her favourite foods in moderation. "You don't need to give up the good things in life," says Michelle. "You just need to reduce the frequency." As for workouts? Michelle has learned that it's quality over quantity. Instead of training seven days a week, she does just three to four workouts and keeps them short and effective. She's also big on goal setting which is an integral part of The Buff Mom Program. "You do not need to workout for more than 30 to 45 minutes if you maintain intensity like in the Buff Mom workouts. You do not need to workout everyday."

Spring Inch Loss Challenge Winner 2015!

A special congratulations to Ashley Cooper! She is our Spring Inch Loss Champ shedding 18.5 inches in just six weeks, transforming from a self-proclaimed couch potato to super fit mother of two. Here’s more on how she did it, her incredible inch loss to date, and her advice for those just getting started.

L- What was the turning point for you when it came to your physique?

A- While on vacation in February, I had my first opportunity to put on a bathing suit in a number of months, and I was surprised to find it didn't fit. I was horrified, I knew I had packed on a few extra pounds, but this was the biggest I had been since before giving birth in 2010.

L-What old habits were holding you back?

A- I am a couch potato at heart. I would probably spend at least 2-3 hours a night sitting on the couch watching TV, eating chips and drinking pop.

L-Why did you join The Buff Mom Boot Camp?

A- I heard about it on the radio, and I knew I needed something like that to get myself motivated. I checked it out online, and was impressed with the reviews I had read.

L- Describe how you felt after your first class?

A- For someone like me, who literally had a level zero activity level, it was definitely a new feeling. The next day I could barely move my legs, but I knew that meant I was doing something right, and it made me feel accomplished. I was excited to go back!

L- Your results were amazing, how many inches have you lost in total? What size are you now?

A- As of July 2015, I have lost 31 inches. I am fitting into size 6 pants again, and that feels great!

L- What's next?

A- My goal is to stop calling my eating habits a 'diet' and start considering them part of my daily life. It isn't hard to eat healthy when you are not putting a label on it, and just being conscious of what you are putting into your body.

L- What advice do you have for others who are where you were when you started?

A- Don't give up. Go all in! The food changes suck for the first few weeks, use an app to help you keep track. Before you know it, its second nature. Same with the exercise; don't worry about looking silly. Take the advice offered to you regarding form, and try to feel it in the muscle groups you're supposed to be feeling it in. This will force you to activate those areas, and you will get so much more out of it in the end.

Way to go Ashley! In addition to her amazing inch loss, Ashely won a free session of the Buff Mom Boot Camp - 2x's a week, a $200 Lululemon Gift Card, and a Buff Mom Tank Top. The Next Spring Inch Loss Challenge will be held Feb. 2016.

Amazing Mommy Makeover

This past March break, Amanda Potter did something she never thought possible, she wore a two-piece bathing suit to the beach.

"We took our first family vacation to Mexico, and I felt totally comfortable wearing a bikini in public! Just last summer I would never have thought it was possible for me to wear a bikini again."

Although Amanda had always had a small and athletic frame, she found it difficult to lose weight after the birth of her second child. Like so many other moms, she also found it difficult to take time for herself. Amanda would constantly pledge to start exercising "tomorrow" or "next week", but would never stick to it.

Then came January 2015, and Amanda's firm decision to focus on her health. After hearing a radio ad for The Buff Mom, Amanda signed up right away. After her very first class, she felt rejuvenated.

"I was amazed at how energetic and alive I felt. It was as if a huge weight of stress had been lifted off my shoulders," said Amanda.

Within just three weeks she started to notice changes in her body. The inches continued to fall off. Amanda is now down 18.5 inches, and four sizes.

Her advice for others just getting started? "Change is possible, no matter what the circumstance," she said. "It may not happen overnight, or on it's own, but rather a result from a small step taken from within. Setting small goals for yourself that are very achievable (e.g., planning time to prepare vegetables for the week) will help you feel successful and will motivate you to build upon your goals, and set more challenging ones along the way."

Awesome advice Amanda! Congratulations we are so proud of you.

Mother-Daughter Workout Team

Wendy Imrie is in the best shape of her life. "I feel fit and happy," the 57-year old exclaims."It makes me feel really proud of myself, people say I look like a teenager, that I've got a teenager's body back again, it feels great." Wendy has gone from a size 10 to a size 4 and the best part is she's now wearing her 19-year old daughter Heather's workout clothes!

Wendy joined The Buff Mom this past November after Heather and her sister-in-law, who were already in the program, convinced her to come along. She says her first class was tough, as she was unfamiliar with many of the moves. "I had no idea what a burpee was - I thought that burpees were a brand of pickles or something." Wendy however, persevered. After her first six-week session, she had dropped almost 10 inches. Wendy returned with Heather for consecutive sessions and soon her strength, balance and co-ordination improved too."I am now able to do a pushup. I have never been able to do that before in my life. I can plank and I can run." Wendy also bought a two-piece bathing suit for a recent cruise with her family.

Daughter Heather, who has also done amazing in the program shedding over 12-inches from her petite frame and improving her cardio and fitness level, is extremely proud of her mom. The two work out together and push each other to work harder.

"I am learning that I should have done something like this years ago. I have learned to push myself to see what I am able to do," says Wendy. "I now have muscles in places I didn't know there were muscles!"

Awesome job Wendy and Heather, we are so proud of you both!

Cambridge Mom and Physician in Top Shape

Just five months after having her second child, Dr. Taryn Williams is lean, fit, and energetic. "I am smaller now than I was in high school which is an amazing feeling!"

The Cambridge family physician and mother of two, has shed a total of 21.5 inches and has gone from a size 12/14 to a size 4. In addition to fitting back into her pre-pregnancy clothes (and many are big!), her fitness level has also returned to what it was pre-baby, allowing her to perform pushups, planks and burpees with relative ease.

"Before the Buff Mom I was always self -conscious of my large thighs and butt, which I now consider to be positive physical attributes," says Taryn. "I now enjoy wearing skinny jeans instead of boot cut ones, and I no longer feel as though I have flabby arms when I wear a tank top."

One of the reasons for Taryn's quick post-baby shape-up, was that she continued to exercise throughout her pregnancy to maintain her fitness level and ward off the discomforts of pregnancy. Taryn who originally joined The Buff Mom back in 2011 after giving birth to her first child (and had great results after just six weeks, and admits she's been hooked on the program ever since) continued attending classes when she became pregnant with her second child.

Now that she's reached her goal, she wants to inspire others, especially her children and patients, to live healthy, active and well balanced lives.

"If you believe in yourself and your abilities, you can achieve what you set your mind to," says Taryn. "Continue to stick to those 'small steps' every day and celebrate your successes no matter how small, which will ultimately lead to big reward and accomplishment over the course of your time with The Buff Mom program."

Teaching Assistant Drops 16.5 Inches

Laura Byers enjoyed being comfortable. As a teaching assistant in Guelph, she would spend her days in leggings and yoga pants. Although she was nice and cozy in the classroom, what she didn't notice was her expanding waistline. "(One day) I went to put on a pair of jeans that I never had a problem wearing, and there was no way they were going to do up, or go on," says Laura.

One pair of jeans turned to two; two pairs turned to three; and soon there was a pile of clothes that just kept growing. Laura's jeans no longer fit, and her self-esteem was suffering too. This went on for about a year, and then Laura decided something needed to change. She joined The Buff Mom with a friend and pledged to create a new lifestyle. "Not being a mom myself, I wasn't sure it would be the right fit for me," admits Laura. "But after reading all of the great things about the program and knowing we could support each other, together we took the plunge." Laura attended class once a week and did her home workouts using The Buff Mom Members Area. In two six-week sessions of The Buff Mom Boot Camp, she dropped a total of 16.5 inches. In addition to regularly scheduled workouts, she also overhauled her diet, and cured her sweet tooth.

"I never thought I could go without my sugar or salt cravings. But we don't buy junk anymore because I don't have any desire to eat it!"

Every piece of clothing in that "Do Not Fit Pile", now fits Laura, or is too big. This transformation process has changed not only her body, but also her mind; teaching her an important lesson about what it takes to get results. "If you want something bad enough you can make it happen. It will take time but as long as you keep pushing forward and learn what works for you, it will happen and you will reach your goals."

Awesome job Laura! BTW Laura's friend Apryl also did amazing, dropping a total of 19 inches in just two sessions. Way to go!

St. George Mom Drops 34 Inches

"The turning point for me was when I began wearing t-shirts to cover myself up when I went swimming," explains Katie Erie. "I didn't like how my body looked anymore, so I would just cover it up." Katie, who used to be fit and play golf, found that after the birth of her two children, her motivation and focus on herself, started to slide. " I got lazy with myself. I told myself not to worry about it, and that I still looked fine for have having two kids."Katie soon realized though, something had to change. Her two sisters-in-law were part of The Buff Mom Boot Camp, and both had experienced great success. At the same time, a location was launching in St. George (also instructed by her sister-in-law Laura), so Katie decided to give it a try."After my first class I felt great! I mean I was sore, sweating, and my arms and legs felt like they were going to fall off. But feeling like that, made me feel good!"That feeling has kept Katie dedicated to the program. She has since dropped 34 inches, and is now wearing a size 29 jeans, and small shirts. "I'm also starting to get back into pants that haven't fit me in five years!" The 31 year old says she's learned that if she makes the effort she can accomplish anything. "The harder I work and the harder I push myself, the better my results will be."Her advice to others getting started? "If you're not happy with where you're at, don't just push it aside. Make the time to do something for yourself that makes you happy." Awesome job Katie, you look awesome!

Cambridge Mom Drops 26.5 Inches

Sarah Watson loved running, working out, and staying active. But once her daughter Olivia was born, she found it difficult to stay on track.

"I was never able to set aside time for myself," she said. "There was always something that needed to be done; cleaning, cooking, laundry and nursing!"

Although Sarah tried to exercise while on her mat leave, she wasn't able to stick to a consistent schedule. When she returned to her full time job, she felt defeated. "When I went back to work I was a size 16, and about 35 pounds over my normal size. It felt horrible." At about the same time her mat leave wrapped up, one of her friends (who also just had a baby), signed up for The Buff Mom Boot Camp. "I thought it was amazing that her baby was so young and she still managed to find time to work out and take care of herself. I was never able to do that, and I thought I could learn something from her." Sarah joined the program and gave it her all. At first it was quite challenging. But after her first class, she felt amazing. "By the end of the class, I felt that it was the best workout I'd ever had, and was proud that I made it to the end." Sarah continued attending classes, and worked very hard. She also did Buff Mom Workout Videos at home using The Buff Mom Members Area. She focused on improving her food and taking time to set goals. To date she has dropped 26.5 inches, and has gone from a size 16 to a 10. Focusing on one task at a time has helped her succeed. "Break it all down into small steps! That was probably what helped me the most," said Sarah. "You can't change everything all in one day, it's too overwhelming. Change one thing and make it a consistent habit, then move on to something else." What's Sarah's next big goal? She's getting married in June! "A wedding dress is a great incentive to keep on track," said Sarah. "I'm proud of how far I've come and can't wait to see what else I can achieve over the next four months. Even after the wedding I still want to be a part of this great program. It really has changed my life." Congratulations Sarah! We are so proud of you!

A Family Affair

Shelley Mckeough and Trish Reeve have a unique relationship. Not only are they mother and daughter, but they're also workout partners ... something neither thought possible. "(My Mom) was not a very athletic person, but she has absolutely amazed me," says 39-year old Trish. "I am so proud of her and her accomplishments and I am so happy for her."

"Trish is very inspiring to me," says 57-year old Shelley. "She's taught me lots about nutrition, reading labels and general health. She has always been a great role model and I am proud of her accomplishments." Trish was the first to join The Buff Mom. She signed up in the spring of 2011 after trying a number of diets, exercise programs, and running. As a former national figure skater, she enjoyed the intensity and challenge of the workouts. Trish decided to bring her mom (who was in town visiting from Stratford) to a class one evening in Kitchener. Shelley says she was intimidated at first, but when the class finished, she was impressed by what she had accomplished. When The Buff Mom Stratford opened a few months later, she signed up right away.

To date the pair has lost a combined total of almost 50 inches. Trish has gone from a size 16 to a 12, shedding 22.5 inches. Shelley, who started out as a size 12, is now wearing a size two. Her total inch loss is 26.5 inches. When the two visit each other, they make sure to do a Buff Mom Home Workout and even include 12-year old granddaughter Kayla. While the physical transformations have been amazing, the pair's mindset has also changed. "I feel fit and strong," says Trish. "I feel like I can accomplish anything." Shelley says she has come to realize that attitude, hard work, and dedication lead to success, and that making changes in your life begin by changing your thoughts and habits. Advice for those just starting? "The first small step is to just show up; the rest will all fall into place, one small step after another," says Trish. "It will change your life forever."

A Brand New Life

When Marg Stahlbaum crossed the finish line of her first 10 Kilometre race in Hamilton, she felt amazing. "I hoped to finish in 1.5 hours, but I did it in 1 hour 20 minutes and 51 seconds! Not a record by any stretch, but it is my benchmark for next year," says Marg. This past year has been a successful one for Marg's health and fitness goals. After participating with her three daughters in The Marilyn Denis Show's Great Canadian Weight loss Challenge and shedding almost 70 pounds, the lifelong Cambridge resident has been faithfully attending The Buff Mom Boot Camp with her 29-year old daughter Jocelyn.

"I have gone from a size 24 to a size 12 or 14 depending on the cut," says Marg. Jocelyn, who was pregnant during the show and maintained her weight, is now down 28 inches. Aside from the inch loss, both say there are many other benefits to their successes, including Jocelyn's performance at the run last week. "When we first started class I couldn't even run one lap of the gym without stopping and struggling to breathe," says Jocelyn. "Last week I ran a 5k in 47 minutes" Marg and Jocelyn say they have learned much throughout this journey, especially the importance of self worth and taking time for yourself. "I am worth the 30 minutes every other day or sometimes every day to do something just for me. To do this isn't selfish either," says Marg. "I want more than just being alive... I want to live - really live. I lived almost 40 years watching other people do the things that I only dreamed of doing - skating, ride a bike, canoeing, climb a ladder, hike, and so much more. I am 54 years old and just beginning to really live!"