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How improving mindset and increasing muscle has led to a happier life at 52 

Oct 13, 2021

 This past spring, something very cool happened to Jillian Henderson.

When she pulled out an old pair of shorts from high school (from more than 36 years ago!!!)  - they fit.

“I feel less bloated and more energized than before,” says the now 52-year-old Jillian. “I walk taller. I like what I see when I catch my image in a plate or glass window”

Jillian has been working hard. 

Since joining BUFFnation last spring, 

she’s made some incredible lifestyle changes,

including focusing on healthy nutrition, cutting out alcohol,

and developing a regular home workout routine consisting of 3 to 4 LIVE or replay classes per week.

Even during the summer, (which is a busy tennis and motorcycle season for Jillian),

she stayed committed and on track by making use of BN’s massive replay library. She kayaked, played tennis, and even did workouts from her cottage.

As a result, Jillian says she is:

  • Cinching her belt tighter.

  • Can see her cheekbones again.

  • Has more endurance.

  • Can see muscle definition.

  • And has watched her belly shrink.

But aside from all these amazing physical changes,

Jillian has experienced a major mindset shift.

She has started meditating, is sleeping well,

has better peace of mind, worries less, and is more present in her daily life. In fact, her new goal is to make meditation an integral part of her daily morning routine.

“I control how I respond to circumstances,” she explains. “There is a saying that a person's outer world is a reflection of their inner world. If you have turmoil, upset, and anger frequently in your outer world, you're probably not a very happy person on the inside either. I choose to be happy.”

Looking to make some lifestyle changes?

You can do it! Just take it slow, says Jillian.

She reminds those getting started on their own wellness journey,

to focus on daily “small steps” and stick with the program and keep going! “The tortoise beat the hare and won the race,” says Jillian.

Jillian, your positive attitude, commitment to your goals and personal success is inspiring. We love having you part of our BUFFnation community! Keep going and reaching towards your goals. We’re cheering you on!


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