Building Strength

"I love how strong this program has made me become. The trainers are just awesome!"

Building Confidence

"I am just beaming with self-confidence. Thank you BN trainers for all that you do!"

Building Community

"It doesn't matter what size, shape, or fitness level you are. This program is for everybody!"

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Ready to FEEL strong, confident, and energized? It all starts with the POWER of just six weeks in the great outdoors!


Did you know,


Incredible things can happen in just six weeks? That's right! Just six weeks. 

More energy, confidence, improved strength, even inch loss!

And when you pair BUFFnation's award-winning workout formula with the great outdoors and connecting with nature, you feel amazing! We are continuously BLOWN away by the amazing accomplishments of our members.

For some, it's being able to do pushups from their toes, run up that hill with ease, or even hold that plank for a minute or more.

For others, it's releasing inches (we've seen a range of 8 to 23), making themselves a PRIORITY and sticking with it, or even boosting confidence and self-esteem. 

All in just six weeks you ask? YES. It truly is amazing what can happen when YOU make a decision to show up for YOU!

What also makes this program so darn effective is the strong, positive, and uplifting community, cheering you on every step of the way!

And then, of course, there's our signature class structure designed especially for women to boost the metabolism, burn fat, and build strength all in a fun and engaging way! 

When you join BN's Outdoor Boot Camp,

you'll receive a detailed step-by-step plan (classes, nutrition, and mindset),

that leaves nothing out or takes anything for granted,

you’ll also be connected to an amazing group of ladies who are with you every step of the way.

And btw, we do take attendance!



Right now is optimal outdoor training time! This six-week program will start on Tues. Jun. 11. 

Classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 6:30 pm just off the 401 in the Cambridge area.

The address is: 400 Holiday Inn Dr. Plus, we have indoor washroom access!

Scroll down to choose a package that works best for you. 

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What is BUFFnation? 

BUFFnation stands for Beautiful, Unique, Fearless, Female. And "nation" means, we're stronger as ONE.

BUFFnation programs are simple-to-follow, and effective at boosting energy, dropping inches (if you want to), and feeling incredible.

Not to mention, the BN community is simply A-mazing, and is cheering you on, every step of the way.

What to expect at the end of your 6 week program.


✔️  Have dropped inches off your body (we've seen a range of between 8 to 23!). Imagine being able to fit back into those old skinny jeans or that little black dress? Or wearing your new bathing suit with confidence!

✔️  Have increased your energy and strength. Say goodbye to those afternoon energy slumps and cruise through your day feeling incredible!

✔️  Have banished the bloat and decreased cravings, plus you'll also know exactly which foods to eat for healthy aging, great digestion, and gut health.

✔️  Be more positive and happy! You will have learned effective mindset skills to eliminate negative thinking, push through limiting beliefs, and release old habits that are no longer serving you.

✔️  Have friends for life that you've met through our amazing community of like-minded ladies all focused on living their best life possible!



Here's All the Cool Things Included

in Your 6-Week Program:

Motivating + Effective Classes for All Levels

Our BUFFnation outdoor classes include a combination of resistance training, cardio, and core strength to blast fat, build functional fitness,  and turn you into a calorie-burning machine. Most importantly, though, the group atmosphere keeps you accountable as we take attendance! All classes are taught using our three-number workout system. 1: no impact/brand new to exercise, 2: intermediate, and 3: impact and advanced training. 



Weather Proof Workout System

We’re a rain or shine program! That means, unless there is a severe weather warning issued by Environment Canada, the class will go as scheduled. But if you’d prefer to stay dry and warm on a wet or damp night, you can take advantage of our weather-proof workout plan, and join a BN class at the same time, from the comfort of home, using our BN online platform. This means no more missing classes because of the weather again! 

Signature Format for Hormones

All BN Boot Camp workouts are just 45 minutes. This express format keeps hormones in check, while blasting fat, improving strength, and boosting a sluggish metabolism. Plus, we end each workout with a yoga-inspired stretch and guided visualization. 

Accountability Plan

Track your progress, weekly goals, measurements, and nutrition with our BN Journal and Tracker Sheets. This effective system makes planning your workouts and meals quick and simple, plus shows you how to easily track your weekly progress, so you can celebrate those WINS

Hormone-Balancing Meal Solutions

Crush sugar cravings, balance hormones, and drop inches with BN’s Meal Kit. Make simple, nutritious, and delicious meals by combining a shortlist of key ingredients – just 7 in fact! Not only is our meal formula super simple and effective for reducing the tummy bloat,  but it will also eliminate long shopping lists,  confusing recipes, and end-of-week waste.



Success with a Tribe

Karl Menniger said, "Environment is more important than genetics." You become who you hang out with! That's why you want to surround yourself with like-minded people, supporting each other along the way. And our BN Community is exactly where you'll find that. Never be alone on this journey again!


“You need to start somewhere, and BN is the BEST place for you to begin!

It's not only about the exercise program, but about the support of an inspiring community of women, all striving for the same thing: Changing their mindset, getting stronger and healthier.

This is a safe place where you can share your ups and down, wins and struggles with like-minded women who are all your biggest supporters.”
Steph Vuko



I have been a member since 2018 and at age 57 I am definitely stronger both mentally and physically than ever before! I love the flexibility of both live classes and "Replayland" filled with workouts I can connect to anytime day or night. No excuses!

Nancy Easton



The workouts are fabulous and there are so many options to plug in. Not only that, Leslie has created a super supportive community that is so accepting of wherever you are at. I lost 5 dress sizes as part of this community and continue to use many of the things I have learned at BUFFNation.

 Amanda Macdougall

Bonus: Outdoor Workout Blueprint ($20)

Get the best results in the least amount of time, whether you’re brand new to fitness, or an experienced exerciser looking to push to the next level! In this  guide, we share our blueprint for awesome outdoor training, including quick and effective on-the-go workouts that can be done at the cottage, the park, or even around the pool.  We even give you a detailed weekly program so that you know exactly what to do when. This guide is yours free when you register for Outdoor Boot Camp.


IS BUFFnation's 6 WK Outdoor Boot Camp FOR YOU? 


Investing in YOU is one of the best decisions you can make. In fact, it's the investment with the biggest ROI (return on investment).

When you show up as the best version of you, everyone else around you benefits.

But, stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary!


✔︎ You are afraid of your unlimited, amazing potential and living your best life possible.

✔︎ Are close-minded and fear change.

✔︎ Are afraid of doing “real” work to give you results that last for a lifetime.

✔︎ Have to make it 100% perfect all the time. Transformation happens when we take consistent imperfect action.

✔︎ Don't love getting sweaty, stronger and doing hard work.


Will You Be Our Next Success Story?



Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you. Classes start Tues. June 11.



6WK Program | 1x per week

  • 6 in-person group training sessions of your choice. 
  • Inch Loss Tracker + BN Journal.
  • Nutrition: BUFFnation Meal Kit.  
  • Fresh Start 101 Reboot Masterclass
  • Success with a Tribe through our accountability FB group.
  • Outdoor Workout Blueprint Mini E-Book
  • Weatherproof Workout System


Dynamo (Best Value)


6WK Program | 2x's per week | Full Online Access

  • 12 in-person group training sessions. 
  • “Excuse Proof” makeup class access
  • BN online (LIVE classes including BN HIIT, BN Kick, and BN Strong, just to name a few.)  
  • Replayland Unlimited (over 700 BN replay classes to choose from, including BN Training, Pilates, Express in 30, and Ab Class)
  • Sugar-Free in 3 Bust Cravings Program
  • Full access to BN Nutrition + Meal Plans
  • Inch loss tracker + BN Journal
  • Start/mid/end assessments
  • Fresh Start 101 Reboot Masterclass
  • Success with a Tribe through our accountability FB group.
  • Outdoor Workout Blueprint Mini E-Book
  • Weatherproof Workout System




6WK Program | 2 x's per week

  • 12 in-person group training sessions. 
  • Excuse Proof” makeup class access
  • Start/mid/end assessments
  • inch loss tracker + BN Journal.
  • Nutrition: BUFFnation Meal Kit. 
  • Fresh Start 101 Reboot Masterclass
  • Success with a Tribe through our accountability FB group. 
  • Outdoor Workout Blueprint Mini E-Book
  • Weatherproof Workout System


Questions Some of Our BN Members Had Before Joining

Amazing All Round!

Every instructor, all the workouts and every member of this group has made a difference in my health and well-being, I will be forever grateful. 5-star rating from me for this women’s workout group!!

Incredible Results!

It’s the only program that works and gives me results. Buffnation is a total wellness program which is why I really like it. There is also a very supportive members’ community which I really like being a part of.


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