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Down 13 inches. Overflowing with self-love

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2021

An internal transformation like no other. 

“I am worthy, I am enough, I am loveable.” 

Kaeli’s mantra is so powerful.

“My body wasn't going to change no matter how hard I tried unless I changed my limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs.” 

Kaeli continues to take imperfect action while showing up for herself. She takes the time to sit quietly and listen. She chooses what gets her attention and focus.

A consistent meditation practice has been vital to her success.  

“The push-ups, the workouts, that’s all a bonus to the internal transformation that just kind of happened with all the self-care.”

Kaeli is an incredible member of our BUFFnation community in our VIP Facebook group. She shares her highs and lows. She motivates and supports other women. She even reached out to a perfect stranger in our group and was her accountability partner!   

“The support and motivation from the instructors and women within the group is incredible. Being held and supported in this community is a huge part of being successful. You don't have to do this alone!”

When asked for her top three tips for success, Kaeli says:

  • Make a commitment to show up for yourself no matter what.
  • Make your workouts and meditations non-negotiable appointments.
  • It doesn’t matter what level you are at. You can modify exercises, but just do something.

Thinking of starting your own transformation? Take Kaeli’s advice:

“Take one small step at a time, show up for yourself, have fun and the magic will happen.” 

“BUFFnation isn’t just a 6-week program. It is a lifestyle that encompasses and creates change in all aspects of  your life. Food, health, sleep, mental health, relationships, energy and everyday wellbeing.”

Congratulations on your success, Kaeli!  We can’t wait to see you continue your journey.


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