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Become a healthy cooking expert in 6 weeks! 


Without the nutritional overwhelm, complicated recipe overload, or spending endless hours in the kitchen. 


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Over the past 6 weeks, my energy level has been boosted, sleep patterns have improved, and abdominal bloating greatly diminished!!! (that is a BIG win).




The tools that Delish By Design has given/taught me will be invaluable!

I can’t thank Leslie and the BuffNation team enough for giving me the knowledge and now the confidence to continue on my healthier eating journey!  And have no fear, it is delicious!!




— Hippocrates

Feeling like no matter what you eat – you just can’t seem to lose the belly fat? 

Perhaps you feel bloated, sluggish and uncomfortable – especially after you eat.    

Do you often find yourself saying, “There’s nothing I can do about it. It’s just because I’m getting older!”    

We absolutely understand.     

As we age, we naturally lose muscle mass, experience shifts in hormones, and may no longer be able to enjoy our favourite foods without digestive upset or weight gain.  

But what if despite the ageing process, you could feel energized, have incredible digestion, and be able to eat the foods you once loved without discomfort or weight gain?    

Wouldn’t that feel amazing?


Good nutrition is essential to staying healthy and strong in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.    

But the types of foods you eat is extremely important.    

For example, certain foods can trigger chronic health conditions, while others offer protective qualities.    

Especially as you age, foods that reduce inflammation, improve digestion, and boost immunity are key.     

But figuring out which foods stay, and which ones go, can be an overwhelming task – not to mention knowing how to prepare them in a healthy and delicious way.   

At Delish By Design Academy we’re committed to helping you feel amazing in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond – and it all starts with food!

Introducing Delish By Design 101

We’ve taken all of our nutrition and cooking know-how (including techniques, tips, tricks and delicious recipes) from more than two decades of experience helping hundreds of women get fit, strong, and healthy, and channeled them into an interactive, fun, and educational hands-on six-week course with built-in accountability, support, and an incredible community of like-minded and positive women.

The best part? You can join from the comfort of your own kitchen no matter where you live!

In this 6-Week Course...

You’ll go from feeling overwhelmed and confused about healthy meals, ingredients and cooking techniques – to feeling confident, inspired, and knowledgeable to make delicious satisfying dishes the entire family will enjoy, plus you’ll balance your hormones, improve your digestion, and boost your energy – and if you want, lose inches too!

Here's how it all breaks down

Module #1: Building your Foundation

✅  Organize your kitchen for simple food and meal prep. 

✅  Set up your pantry essentials. Ones that pack a nutritious punch, taste great, and make healthy cooking a snap! 

✅  Figure out what’s behind the bloat, so you can make the right dietary changes for your body. 

✅  Learn the “sweet truth” about sugar – and how to kick the habit for good.


Module #2: Getting Started with Starters

✅  Boost digestion naturally with a simple but powerful elixir. 

✅  Learn the quick formula for creating delicious and nutritious nut milk from scratch so you never have to buy them from the store again.

✅  The non-juicer juice. Kick start your day with a powerful blend of vitamins and minerals – no juicer required! 

✅  Plant-based ways to get protein that also keeps you feeling full and boosts digestion. 

Module #3: Mid Day Essentials

✅  Learn a quick and easy sandwich swap that can help balance hormones, improve digestion, reduce inflammation plus it can also be used for an evening appetizer. No more asking, “what can I make for lunch” again!

✅  Learn how to make comfort food that’s actually healthy and tastes good. Perfect for those chilly winter days.

✅   Learn the difference between organic and non-organic – so you’ll know where to save, and where to splurge.

✅   Learn how to create healthy dips and sauces that will transform any meal. Say goodbye to boring old chicken!


Module #4: Dinnertime

✅  The best cooking techniques that will capture flavour without extra salt, sugar or harmful fats. 

✅  How to make gluten-free taste good so you can enjoy your meal without the after-dinner bloat or crash.

✅   How to turn a simple seed into a delicious bread that can double as a pizza crust.

✅   The best dinners to reduce inflammation, improve your skin, and help you shed inches.

Module #5: Snacks and Gluten-Free Baking

✅  The no-bake protein snack solution so you’ll always have something quick to grab that fills you up but doesn’t add to your waistline.

✅  How to turn a smoothie into a nutritious meal, and get the perfect blend each time.

✅   Snacks to reduce inflammation and improve your skin so you’ll have that natural glow.

✅   How to turn a superfood gourmet! Fill those chocolate cravings plus improve digestion and heart health. This is a dessert game changer!

Module #6: Putting it All Together 

✅  We’ll teach you our easy meal prep and plan formula that will cut through the overwhelm and save you time and money. 

✅  What to change when you’re stuck at a plateau and how to break thru.

✅   How to identify and deal with emotional eating so you can get control for good. 

✅   Our Sleep Well strategy for a better night’s sleep so you can get more shut-eye and wake up feeling refreshed.

Join TODAY and get...  

The FULL Delish by Design 101 Program 

 (a $1,200 value) 

☑️ 6 -Professionally produced video modules, one released each week.

☑️  Recordings of past Q&A's and BONUSES (including more on Keto, Paleo, and Intermittent Fasting).

☑️  Homework + fun challenges you actually "cook" and "eat"!

☑️ Cool bonuses, recipes and cheat sheets so you can quickly prep, mix and cook for delicious and nutritious dishes.

 ☑️ Unlimited access to program for one year after.

✅ Improve health and wellbeing

By knowing exactly which foods to include for healthy ageing, great digestion, and gut health.

✅ Develop skills and confidence 

Needed to create your own healthy and delicious meals the entire family will enjoy.

✅ Complete accountability and support

As you go through each module and worksheet so you can stay motivated, focused, and on-task.

✅ Lifetime access to entire course

So you can always go back and watch again!

Cook and Love Life! 



▶️ Private Members Only Accountability Group (Value $200)

This is where you’ll interact with like-minded healthy cooks, trade feedback, and receive virtual high-fives and encouragement every step of the way. Never be alone on this journey again!

▶️  Delish by Design 101 Meal Plan and Prep Formula (Value $60)

More time, money, and peace of mind! With this simple and effective formula, you’ll create meal plans that you can use again and again. Customizable to fit your goals, tastes, and dietary needs. You’ll never say, “What’s for dinner?” again!

▶️  Nutritious Swaps Cheat Sheet (Value $11.99)

Up-level your nutrition in a snap! Post this detailed guide on your fridge or pantry for simple swap ups packed with nutrition and flavour. No more confusion over healthy and wholesome eating!

▶️  Essential Tools For a Wholesome Kitchen (Value $11.99)

No need for expensive appliances, a large knife collection, or other cooking gadgets that just take up space – a healthy cooking space really only needs a shortlist of key items. We break it all down in this guide plus provide organization tips and tricks to save money, space and time.


But because we’re super excited to welcome you into this incredible group of healthy food enthusiasts, we’re giving you the opportunity to enrol in Delish By Design 101 at the special promo price of just:


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Full Payment

You'll have access to 6 video modules, cheat sheets, resource guides, Q and A's, plus unlimited access to the program for one year after.

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Two Installments 

You'll have access to 6 video modules, cheat sheets, resource guides, Q and A's, plus unlimited access to the program for one year after.

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What Most Successful Members Have Asked Before Joining Delish By Design

What if I’m all thumbs in the kitchen and don’t like to cook? Will I be able to handle this?

Delish By Design 101 is a healthy lifestyle and cooking program perfect for those brand new to gluten and dairy-free cooking. You can pause, rewind, or re-start the lessons and go at your own pace. And if you are a pro in the kitchen – we’ve got some innovative recipes, techniques and tricks to share! With our pre-recorded modules and lifetime program access, you’ll have all the resources you need for inspiration, learning, and making.

I don’t have a very big kitchen or fancy cooking equipment?

No need for fancy gadgets, special knives, or super expensive cookware. Did you know that a healthy cooking space really only needs a shortlist of key items and ingredients? In fact, some of the best cooking tools are the ones passed down from moms, grandmothers, great aunts and friends. We break it all down in this course, plus provide tips to organize, save money, space and time. 

This is this too expensive!

Private lessons with a professional chef can be expensive (upwards of 100 dollars or more per hour) – and when you’re done, you no longer have access to the material! But our Delish By Design 6 week course includes unlimited lifetime access to all the modules, cheat sheets and resources so if you forget how to make a recipe, you can pause, rewind or re-watch at any time. Plus you’ll have support, encouragement and accountability every step of the way through exclusive access to our incredible community of healthy cooks within our Facebook group. And it all costs about the same as one private lesson with a professional chef!

A course is great – but will I really put this knowledge into practice?

So many courses and programs focus just on the theory rather than the practice. Not Delish By Design 101! Each week you’ll be IN the kitchen making and creating your new favourite dishes, practicing healthy techniques, and sharing your experiences with others also enrolled in the program. Plus you’ll also get checklists, cheat sheets and fun assignments to keep you focused, motivated and on task. At the end of the program, you’ll be a healthy cooking guru and can whip up a delicious and nutritious meal in a snap! 

I don’t have enough time.

In short, the busier you are, the MORE you need to be healthy, strong, and energetic – and FOOD is the foundation. Delish By Design 101 gives you the foundation for healthy cooking so there’s no more indecision and time-wasting when it comes to preparing meals, plus it teaches simple time-saving strategies for food prep, meal design and healthy eating on-the-run. When you follow our proven methods, you’ll actually have MORE time each week to enjoy doing the stuff you love.

How is this course delivered, I live in a different time zone than EST?

No worries. No matter where you live you can join Delish By Design 101 from the comfort of your own Kitchen. Upon registration, you’ll receive access to your Delish By Design 101 portal. It contains all the tools and resources you’ll need for the entire program. Every five days, a new module is released, so you can work at your own time and pace. You'll also have unlimited access to past Q and A videos, packed with extra cool bonuses! And don't forget, our exclusive Delish By Design Facebook Group where you’ll interact with like-minded healthy cooks, trade feedback, and receive virtual high-fives and encouragement every step of the way. Delish By Design 101 is a great fit no matter WHERE you live!

Delish By Design 101 is Perfect …

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you are in the perfect position to enrol in Delish By Design 101 and begin your training now!

✅  You're confused about what to cook and eat to stay healthy, have more energy, and maintain your ideal weight - especially over the age of 40!  

✅  You've recently gone or looking to go gluten or dairy-free, but have no idea how, or what to make that tastes good, the family will eat, and is really delicious and satisfying.  

✅  You're bloated, have a sluggish metabolism, and can't seem to lose the belly fat.  

✅  You're overwhelmed by all the dietary protocols taking over your social media feeds including Keto, Paleo, and low FODMAP.  

✅  You don’t mind (even welcome) the extra hand-holding and meticulous step-by-step instructions and coaching – especially when it comes to the nutrition and lifestyle stuff.   

✅  You need some inspiration in the kitchen backed by a solid plan and implementation strategy.  

✅  You’re ready to jump in and get started. In fact, you’re totally excited about the weekly modules, recipes, and fun assignments, knowing that every action you take brings you one step closer to creating your healthy, vibrant and energetic life.  

So if any of the above resonates, then we can't wait to welcome you to DELISH by DESIGN 101!

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