I didn't know online could be this good! I'm never going back to the gym again.


I love the LIVE accountability and coaching sessions. It's like I have my own mindset coach, nutritionist, and personal trainer.


Replay Land is awesome! Over 700 classes to choose from. And if I can't make it LIVE, I can do it later. 

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Ready to Start Living your Best Life NOW?


Hi there! I’m Leslie Gordon Christie, the creator of BUFFnation 40+ and Fabulous.

I truly believe “age is just a number” and no matter where you are in your journey - you can create a vibrant, healthy and energetic life and feel and look incredible. In fact, you can be in your best shape ever!

When I turned the big 4-0 - my body changed dramatically. 

Everything seemed to slow down. Suddenly, the foods I once enjoyed, now caused digestive upset and weight gain. 

My midsection was growing, my hormones were off, and I constantly felt sluggish. 


I Tried Everything ... 


Changing my workouts, dropping carbs, and even juicing, but nothing seemed to work. 

I was frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. Perhaps you can relate to this?

Then I had a major realization and made some big changes. 

Not just in what I was doing, but in how I was looking at things. I learned about hormones, inflammation, and letting go of negative thinking. 

I also shortened my workouts, added in more resistance training, and worked on my mindset. 

The result? A healthy, vibrant and energetic life at 47!

If I can do it - I know you can do it too!

And that’s why I created our TRANSFORM online program.

To inspire, motivate, and coach other women 40 and over to live

their healthy, vibrant, and energetic life too - right now!

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What is BUFFnation? 

BUFFnation stands for Beautiful, Unique, Fearless, Female. And "nation" means, we're stronger as ONE. Touted as, "The most engaging and motivating online wellness program ever!", BUFFnation is a simple-to-follow and effective plan to boost energy, drop inches (if you want to), and feel incredible in your forties, fifties and beyond. Not to mention, the BN community is simply A-mazing, and is cheering you on, every step of the way.


BUFFnation: 40+ and Fabulous

Helping Driven Women Reclaim their Energy, Waistline and Zest for Life!

Whether it's ... 

Dropping those last 10 pounds. Think about your favourite little black dress or those awesome boot cut jeans!

Increasing your strength and stamina. Imagine running up the stairs with ease or dancing for hours with tons of energy!

Resetting your nutrition + digestion Say goodbye to the tummy bloat, and muffin-top hangover!

Building your confidence and feeling more comfortable in your own skin. 

BUFFnation's TRANSFORM will help you make your health, wellness and mindset, top priority, so you look and feel incredible at any age!


96 to 98 % of everything we do is subconscious! That's why we need to become aware of old thinking patterns (I'm old, I'm meant to be this way, I'm too busy), release them, and replace them with affirming ones! We always say, "What you focus on grows!"


Our BUFFnationn members are from all over the country. Although, we're in different geographical locations, but we're connected energetidally during LIVE classes. Plus, we turn up the accountability by taking attendance! 


All BN workouts are just 30, 40 and 45 minutes. This express format keeps hormones in check, while blasting fat, improving strength, and boosting a sluggish metabolism. In addition to our BN Training Classes (resistance training + cardio), we also have Pilates and stretch classes to choose from. 


BN's Replayland (that's what we call it!) is packed FULL of classes. Well over 700 to choose from. Replays are uploaded within 30 minutes of a broadcast, plus you'll have access to past workouts, masterclasses, and coaching sessions. 


New to exercise, recovering from an injury, or have knee/hip issues? No worries, all our BN classes include our signature three number workout system. Choose the level that works best for you and feel confident you are getting a safe and effective workout designed for those 40 and over.



Karl Menniger said, "Environment is more important than genetics." You become who you hang out with! That's why you want to surround yourself with like-minded people, supporting each other along the way. And our BN Community is exactly where you'll find that. Never be alone on this journey again!



Foods that improve digestion and gut health are key to feeling amazing in your 40's and beyond!

But figuring out WHAT to eat and WHEN can be an overwhelming task - especially with all the nutrition info constantly popping up on your social media feed.

Say goodbye to overwhelm, long hours of meal prep, or just plain old frustration.

Our BUFFnation Clean Eating Time Saver Formula will help you boost energy, reduce the bloat, and shed inches with a quick and simple meal plan that’s easy to implement and stick to.


“You need to start somewhere, and BN is the BEST place for you to begin!

It's not only about the exercise program, but about the support of an inspiring community of women, all striving for the same thing: Changing their mindset, getting stronger and healthier.

This is a safe place where you can share your ups and down, wins and struggles with like-minded women who are all your biggest supporters.”
Steph Vuko



I have been a member since 2018 and at age 57 I am definitely stronger both mentally and physically than ever before! I love the flexibility of both live classes and "Replayland" filled with workouts I can connect to anytime day or night. No excuses!

Nancy Easton



The workouts are fabulous and there are so many options to plug in. Not only that, Leslie has created a super supportive community that is so accepting of wherever you are at. I lost 5 dress sizes as part of this community and continue to use many of the things I have learned at BUFFNation.

 Amanda Macdougall



Investing in YOU is one of the best decisions you can make. In fact, it's the investment with the biggest ROI (return on investment).

When you show up as the best version of you, everyone else around you benefits.

But, stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary!


✔︎ You are afraid of your unlimited, amazing potential and living your best life possible in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.

✔︎ Are close-minded and fear change.

✔︎ Are afraid of doing “real” work to give you results that last for a lifetime.

✔︎ Have to make it 100% perfect all the time. Transformation happens when we take consistent imperfect action.

✔︎ Don't love getting sweaty, stronger and doing hard work.


Stronger and More Energetic!


"My whole body has better muscle tone, there is more definition in my arms and legs and my skin is tighter.” 

 Erin Caldwell


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you. (BN's "6WKs til Christmas" holiday challenge starts the week of Nov. 13. All packages include challenge tools and the chance to win prizes.) 



No Waiting! Start ASAP

Use code Goals2023 to save an extra 10% on your first month! 

  • Unlimited access to LIVE BN Training classes, including Yoga, Pilates and Stretch schedule
  • A free pass to Replayland, where you can access over 700 classes. (Workouts are posted within 30 minutes of broadcast).
  • Hormone balancing nutrition plans, including our Clean Eating Time Saver Formula + Sugar-Free in Three Detox.
  • Access to our Masterclass vault on topics like hormones, fat loss, and belly fat. New ones added regularly!
  • Ongoing LIVE group coaching + accountability.
  • Membership to our VIP accountability group. 

Goal Crusher (Best Value)


Best deal! Plus, get a BONUS

  • Unlimited access to LIVE BN Training classes, including Pilates and Stretch schedule
  • A free pass to Replayland, where you can access over 700 classes. (Workouts are posted within 30 minutes of broadcast).
  • Hormone balancing nutrition plans, including our Clean Eating Time Saver Formula + Sugar-Free in Three Detox.
  • Access to our Masterclass vault on topics like hormones, fat loss, and belly fat.
  • Ongoing LIVE group coaching + accountability.
  • Membership to our VIP accountability group. 
  • BONUS: Two 1-on-1 coaching calls (Value $200)

Questions Some of Our BN Members Had Before Joining

Amazing All Round!

Every instructor, all the workouts and every member of this group has made a difference in my health and well-being, I will be forever grateful. 5-star rating from me for this women’s workout group!!

Incredible Results!

It’s the only program that works and gives me results. Buffnation is a total wellness program which is why I really like it. There is also a very supportive members’ community which I really like being a part of.


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