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Turning Excuses into Opportunities

Jul 14, 2021

by Natalie Fisk, BN Team


Lorrie looks and feels the best she has in years.

“I feel incredible!” she says.

Lorrie is a longtime member of BUFFnation, but often struggled with staying engaged and consistent with class attendance. 

When the pandemic hit, she began working from home and made the decision to use her former commuting time for online workouts and meal prep. 

Lorrie has been consistent in attending three to four classes per week. 

She also power walks through her neighbourhood three times a week. 

Incredibly, she has stuck with that commitment for 18 months!

“I have lost inches and weight (8 lbs) and my clothes feel better. 

I am down a size in clothes and have definition in my muscles I have never had before.”

Lorrie has made a mindset shift and tells herself ‘I get to workout rather than I have to’.

She loves the way she feels after a workout or a power walk.

When asked how she enjoys the classes and community, she says:

“I LOVE the online platform. I can do things right up until the time of class and login within seconds to engage. For me, this has helped with the consistency. I can commit to 40 minutes from my basement without excuses.”

The flexibility of BUFFnation’s live and recorded classes have been of great benefit to Lorrie. 

“I enjoy the replay options as well, so I can do express workout or abs or upper body. I like the flexibility and the choice, and take advantage of those when I have a late meeting.”

The BUFFnation community has motivated and supported her at difficult times.  Lorrie gives right back by sharing her positivity and encouragement in our VIP group. 

“There is no judgment. You do what you can, when you can,

and know there is always someone there to support, listen, guide or help you.”

Lorrie encourages others to “Just do it and commit as best you can.” 

The biggest thing Lorrie has learned over the last 18 months is that she can change her excuses into opportunities. 

What an incredible mindset shift! 

We are so proud of you, Lorrie!

Thank you for being a part of the BUFFnation community and inspiring others each day.


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