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True Inner and Outer Strength: Living Her Best Life

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2022

This is 37! 😃
Gina feels incredible.
She’s fit, strong, and positive.

The mother of two from Drumbo, Ontario,
has been crushing her BUFFnation Platform workouts
three times a week, consistently for the past few years,
building true strength from the inside out.

“I think my mindset has changed the most since joining this program,” says Gina.

“I now work out because I actually enjoy it, not to punish myself for not looking a certain way. I have two young daughters, and it is important to me to set a good example of a healthy lifestyle for them. BN has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and makes me want to be the best version of ME.
I love feeling part of a community of like-minded women
within our VIP accountability group.
I value the weekly emails and LIVE sessions and
have really taken the personal development recommendations to heart.”

Gina, way to go! You are doing an incredible job. Thank you so much for being an integral member of our community.

Gina with her husband Geoff, who is a volunteer firefighter in Drumbo, ON.


💪🥦🍓 How does Gina stay motivated?

Three ways. Here they are:

➡️ Schedule: On Sundays, Gina looks at her family calendar and schedules her workouts. If she can’t make a LIVE class, she catches a class from Replay Land.

➡️ Plan + Take Action: Gina organizes her workout clothes
for the week ahead, and changes into them as soon as she gets home from work. This way she’s committed! At-home workouts are so much easier when you u

➡️ Remembers That Feeling!: “I love the way I feel after each workout!” says Gina. And that keeps her showing up again and again, crushing those sweats!

If you’re ready to ramp up the accountability, commit to becoming the best version of YOU, and shift your mindset,
our brand-new session of BUFFnation Platform (join from anywhere) starts soon. And BN's Outdoor Boot Camp Pop-Up kicks off next week!

Get signed up today at the link below ⬇️
and experience super motivation, accountability, and an incredible community of like-minded ladies focused on living their best lives ever!


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