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Mind and Body Transformation

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2021
Steph Vucko feels incredible.
“I am feeling super energized, my mindset is great,
and I'm very optimistic and happy,” explains the Kitchener, ON mother of two.
“I'm comfortable in my skin, and I've never felt so strong, healthy and proud.”
Her Transformation
Stephanie has been working hard over the past six months.
Increasing her workouts, fine-tuning her nutrition,
and shifting her mindset to see exercise
and healthy living as long-term investments into herself and her future.
Since the fall, she’s not only transformed her physique
(she has dropped over 35 pounds),
but has also become more energetic, positive
and is living a healthy, fit and vibrant life - doing things she never thought possible.
“Burpees, crab jacks or even push-ups from my toes,” exclaims Stephanie.
“From the healthier food choices I make, to all the water I drink. I'm also proud to say that I get over 10-thousand steps a day and have worked up to five BUFFnation classes a week.”
Classes at her Fingertips
Stephanie loves the convenience of BN’s online platform,
and finds the LIVE classes with many level options (and BN’s No Excuse Replay Library ),
super easy to fit into her busy schedule.
“I love the program, and it continues to keep me motivated!”
And knowing how amazing she feels AFTER her workout - is what keeps her going.
Especially on those days she doesn’t feel like it.
Plus, she says, she has a deeper reason for investing in her health and wellbeing.
“Knowing that I'm also setting a good example for my two young boys is huge for me.
They may be too young to realize it now,
but I want them to grow up in a family where being healthy and exercise is part of our lifestyle.”
Being a Part of the BN Community
Stephanie says part of her success has to do with the incredible,
positive and supportive community within BN.
Women, in different geographical locations,
come together online,
and always have each other’s back, stay positive, and offer support on days you need it most.
“Through all the posts, shared recipes and wins (we may not know one another in person),
but we all are sharing our journey and helping each other get there.”
Advice for Those Just Getting Started
For new members,
or those getting re-started on their fitness journeys, she offers this advice:
“You need to start somewhere, and BN is the BEST place for you to begin! It's not only about the exercise program,
but about the support of an inspiring community of women,
all striving for the same thing:
Changing their mindset, getting stronger and healthier.
This is a safe place where you can share your ups and down,
wins and struggles with like-minded women who are all your biggest supporters.”
Thanks, Steph for sharing your inspiring story, and we are so proud of you and all your success.
How to Join BUFFnation
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