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Intern Sid Signs Off

by Intern Sid


My time here at BUFFnation has been the best start to the year I could have asked for. And as they say at BN, I experienced so many WINS - including releasing 8 kilos (about 17 pounds!). 

My three big wins have to do with mindset, nutrition, and the importance of my thinking! Not only have I learned about online business in the digital space, and attended a number of motivational speaking engagements, but I've also started maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle. My outlook on life has changed, and getting enough sleep has helped me stay motivated and happy.

When I started this internship, I was 89 kilos, and within a month and a half of implementing the BN principals, my weight released. I have released seven kilos while having three meals a day, and I achieved that without dieting, just little lifestyle changes or what BN calls "small steps.". I now understand the significance of routines! I plan to continue doing this now.

I have learned that a positive mindset is so important to everything. I will try to be calm and positive in everything I do. 

I want to thank Leslie for being such a fantastic person and teaching me so many things professionally, and even helping me grow as a person. I could not have asked for a better place to work at as my field placement. 


Sid, it's been so wonderful having you part of the team. You have an incredible attitude. All the best to you. You've got an exciting future ahead!  


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