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Consistency and Mindfulness Help this 42 Year Old Live Her Best Life

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2022
✔️ Consistency.
✔️ Mindful eating.
✔️ Slowing down to breathe.
Those are busy mom, and clinical nurse educator, Angela Burke’s habits that she’s successfully 
built since joining BUFFnation a few years ago.
And these simple shifts, have had a major impact.
Including keeping her strong, fit, and balanced throughout the pandemic.
This Brantford professional does 4-5 workouts per week. She says her brain feels so much more settled after she’s exercised. And she can even keep up with her two high-energy boys (8 and 10), and the family’s new puppy.
Making it easier for her to stay consistent with her program,
is BUFFnation’s online platform. Angela loves it.
“It’s amazing! No travel time means my exercise regime is less disruptive for my family.”
Mindful Eating
When it comes to food, Angela has been working on being aware of what she’s eating.
“The habitual mindless eating cycle leaves me feeling lousy.”
Her new trick: “Before reaching for an extra helping or evening snack, I’ve started asking myself if I’m truly hungry. When the answer is no, I grab a flavoured water instead, and that does the trick….. sometimes!”
Slowing Down
Aside from exercise and nutrition,
learning how to “slow down” after a busy day, has been extremely beneficial for Angela. And a simple technique, she learned from BUFFnation classes, helps her reboot.
“I’ve been breathing more!” says Angela.
“The box breathing exercise gives me something
to focus on when I’m feeling overwhelmed (which is a lot lately).
It’s like a reset button.”
Her Advice to Other Busy Professional Women?
It’s all about consistency.
“Keep showing up, even when you don’t feel like it!” says Angela.
That’s exactly what she’s done, and now exercise, mindfulness,
and slowing down to breathe are all part of her regular routine.
Powerful new life habits that will serve her well
as she continues her wellness journey, and professional career in health care.
Angela, we’re so proud of you. Thank you for sharing your story and being an inspiration to so many!
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