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BUFFnation: 40+ and Fabulous Spring Challenge 2022


Say goodbye to bloating, fatigue, and out-of-control sugar cravings!

This 6-WK challenge, designed especially for those 40 and over, will boost your energy, help you drop inches (especially in the midsection), and make you feel amazing.

Yes you CAN make this your best spring ever!

LIVE Kickoff is Sun. Feb. 27 at 7 pm ET. Classes start Feb. 28. Register today! 


At the end of BUFFnation: 40+ and Fabulous Spring Challenge 2022 you will:


✔️  Have dropped inches off your body (we've seen a range of between 8 to 23!). Imagine being able to fit back into those old skinny jeans or that little black dress?

✔️  Have increased your energy and strength. Say goodbye to those afternoon energy slumps and cruise through your day feeling incredible!

✔️  Have banished the bloat and decreased cravings, plus you'll also know exactly which foods to eat for healthy ageing, great digestion, and gut health.

✔️  Be more positive and happy! You will have learned effective mindset skills to eliminate negative thinking, push through limiting beliefs and release old habits that are no longer serving you.

✔️  Have friends for life that you've met through our amazing community of like-minded women from across the nation, all focused on living their best life possible in their 40’s, 50’s, and beyond.

These Women Did It - and So Can YOU!


Check out some of our past winners who boosted energy, dropped inches, and felt fantastic after just 6 weeks and walked away with some amazing prizes! 2022 Prize Gallery


How To Join BUFFnation's 40+ and Fabulous Spring Challenge 2022


1. If your'e not currently a BUFFnation Member - great news - this 6 week unlimited package is especially for you! 

2. Simply register at the link on this page, and gain immediate access to your special Spring Challenge Portal where everything is outlined in detail.

3. LIVE classes start Feb. 28, 2022.  We have cool games, fun tasks, and great programming planned. 

4. Get ready to crush it! We're cheering you on every step of the way.




LIVE Unlimited Classes! 

Six weeks of LIVE unlimited, fun and engaging classes, (including our new stretch and meditation class). Stay accountable because we take attendance! 

Schedule HERE

Excuse Proof Replay Library

Missed a class? No worries! With our Excuse-proof replay library you can stay on top of workouts even if your schedule changes!

Membership Portal

The entire BUFFnation Spring Challenge 2022 literally at your fingertips. Access your program portal easily from your desktop or download our app onto your mobile device. No complicated technology to deal with!

Hormone Balancing Nutrition

Unlimited access to our meal plans, shopping lists, and prep schedules. No more asking, "what can I make for dinner that's delicious and healthy?"

BUFFnation Community

Access to our exclusive VIP Facebook community. Connect with likeminded women serious about reaching their goals and living their best life possible in their 40's, 50's and beyond.

Amazing Prizes!

The chance to win one of our three prize packages including our Goal Crusher Pack valued at over $450. 2022 Prize Gallery

When You Register for BUFFnation's 40+ and Fabulous Spring Challenge 2022, You'll Also Receive These Exclusive Bonuses!


Sugar Detox Bundle (Value $200)

Feel like sugar is taking over your life? End cravings for good with our 3-day meal plan, complete with shopping list and prep schedule. Also included in this bundle is our Sugar Detox Masterclass, where you'll learn the science behind the cravings and the latest research on how to reprogram your habits, thoughts and beliefs.


Fresh Start Program (Value $160)

Brand new to exercise or been on an extended vacation? Our Fresh Start Program is designed especially for you. This mini-coaching program will teach you all the tips and tricks to help you confidently begin, stick with, and finish up your Spring Challenge 2022 with success. Suitable for all levels of fitness.   

When you add it all up, that’s a total value of over $1,000!

But because we’re super excited to welcome you into this incredible program, we’re giving you an opportunity to enrol in BUFFnation's 6 Week Spring Challenge 2022 at the special promo price of just $169 plus HST.


Choose From One of Our Our Two Payment Options.

BUFFnation's 40+ and Fabulous Spring Challenge 2022

$189 + HST

(Pay in Full Best Value)

  • Access to program portal you can access from desktop or download our app onto your mobile device.
  • Unlimited LIVE classes for 6 Weeks (starting Feb. 28)
  • Excuse-Proof Replay Library
  • Nutrition Support and Tools
  • VIP Facebook Group
  • Sugar Detox Bundle
  • Fresh Start Masterclass
  • Chance to win three amazing prize packs valued at over $220.



All The Tools You Need To Crush Your Goals!

Yes, you’ll do fun and effective LIVE group training workouts designed especially for those over 40, and be surrounded and supported by an incredible community of women. 

But you’ll also have a meticulous simple step-by-step plan for improved health, vitality and mindset, that leaves nothing out, and takes nothing for granted as you implement it. 

BUFFnation's 40+ and Fabulous Spring Challenge 2022

$95.50 + HST

2 Instalments

  • Access to program portal you can access from desktop or download our app onto your mobile device.
  • Unlimited LIVE classes for 6 Weeks (starting Feb. 28)
  • Excuse-Proof Replay Library
  • Nutrition Support and Tools
  • VIP Facebook Group
  • Chance to win three amazing prize packs valued at over $220.
  • Sugar Detox Bundle
  • Fresh Start Masterclass



The End Result? Your Best Shape Ever!  


“BUFFnation is a community like no other. The support from the amazing team and the members is something I am ever so grateful for. It is a community where you never feel judged and are given encouragement to reach beyond your comfort zone and try something new.”

 - Nancy Easton

If you’re still on the fence, here are 7 Ways to Know You're Ready to Crush It!

☑️   If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you are in a perfect position to enrol in BUFFnation and begin your transformation right away.

☑️  You’ve never exercised before, or have been on a long break and want to make sure you’re doing everything right.

☑️  You’ve struggled with your weight for years, especially now since your body is changing and are over 40.

☑️  You have reached a “tipping point” and want to improve your health once and for all.

☑️   You don’t mind (even welcome) the extra hand-holding and meticulous step-by-step instructions and coaching – especially when it comes to the nutrition and mindset stuff.

☑️  You’re ready to jump in and get started. In fact, you’re totally excited for the weekly workouts, podcasts and meal plan, knowing that every action you take brings you one step closer to creating your healthy, fit and energetic life.

☑️  You’re already doing online workouts, going for walks, or trying healthy recipes to achieve a weight loss goal.

☑️  You are excited and feel motivated to make changes in your life so you have more strength, energy and confidence. You also look forward to the day those old skinny jeans zip up with ease and create no overhang. 

☑️  You don’t mind having a bit of fun every now and then – and welcome the idea of engaging with a passionate, supportive, and positive community of like-minded women.

Just think of what you can accomplish in as little as six weeks! Begin your transformation and register TODAY!