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BUFFnation Training Schedule

Uncategorized Dec 20, 2020

BUFFnation features LIVE classes for 7 consecutive 6-week training cycles per year.  Our most popular time slots are simulcast from our professional digital studio on both zoom and YouTube LIVE. Check out the schedule below. If you miss a class, catch a rebroadcast in our Excuse-Proof Re broad Library, aka Replay Land. We also hold LIVE Accountability sessions weekly with BN coaches. That schedule is updated weekly.

Please note: Replays are posted within 30 minutes of broadcast to Replay Land. Also, if you're running late for a LIVE class, you can use the instant replay function of our YouTube platform to join us "LIVE" at your own convenience. 

Schedule Update for Fall 2022: The Wednesday 10 am ET class will move to 9:30 to 10:15 am ET. Effective Sept. 28 2022.

For best results, we recommend attending 2 to 4 BUFFnation classes per week - either LIVE or Replay. (A weekly stretch is also recommended to lower cortisol, help you relax, and have some "you" time.) All classes are taught using our three number workout system and are friendly to all levels of fitness. 




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