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BN- isms

What an incredible community we have! And it's so awesome to have YOU part of it. ❤️

Over the past few years, we've certainly developed our language here at BUFFnation.

We thought it would be fun to highlight some of these BN-isms!

BN Glossary -

Our motto: Let's focus on what we CAN do!

Beautiful, Unique, Fearless, Female.

Members who join via YouTube

Accountability Cam:
The zoom camera you can turn on to keep you 'accountable.'

Replay Land:
Where we store over 700 recordings of BUFFnation workouts, a scheduled LIVE activity is usually uploaded within 30 minutes of the broadcast. At the top of "Replay Land" are links to "no equipment" workouts. To access the latest workout replay that uses equipment, scroll down.

Your "program" or "comfort zone" that has a major impact on your results. Your Paradigm is made up of your thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. Think of it as a thermostat inside your home. To change the temperature, you have to change the program. Human begins are the same.

Paradigm Push-Back:
We are creatures of habit- aka our Paradigm. When we change things up and move in a new direction towards a goal, this might feel uncomfortable, stressful, or out of the ordinary. This is NORMAL - but also known as the paradigm push-back. Be aware of it, expect it, and keep going anyway!

Terror Barrier:
That invisible wall of fear, just before you push through into success.

Limiting Beliefs:
These are beliefs we have about ourselves that hold us back from moving forward and becoming the best version of ourselves. I am lazy. I am old. I am meant to be this way. These are all examples of limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are untrue and can be changed. Your Small Steps and Accountability Journal can help you do that. So can attending LIVE accountability coaching sessions.

Knowing-Doing Gap:
We know what to do, but we're not doing it. What's up with that? It goes back to our Paradigm!!

A Courtney Class:
A class that will always be "super" challenging - but unique and extraordinary when it's done. It's just that push we need to change our Paradigm or comfort zone.

Join us for a Sweat:
This is another word for a workout:) But please know, most time, you WILL sweat. And Sweat is good!

LIVE Accountability:
These are 10 to 15-minute group coaching sessions that really work! On most weeks, we hold these twice per week.

Your virtual command central or hang out. Join a LIVE class, watch a REPLAY, download meal plans or browse past masterclasses.

Morning Crew:
The dedicated group of members who work out at 6 am doing a Courtney class. You guys are amazing!

Guided Meditation:
A 10 or 15-minute guided visualization to help you release limiting beliefs, reinforce new habits, and shift your Paradigm. You can find an audio-only version inside your Portal, or join us LIVE on Thursdays at noon.

Instant Replay It:
If you're running late, you can pause, rewind, or restart a LIVE YouTube broadcast and still be "LIVE"!

A move that combines a 1/2 burpee with a push-up, a row, a 1/2 burpee, a bicep curl, and a shoulder press. Wow! That's why it's called a BUFFmaker

Tabata Time:
Twenty seconds hard, 10 seconds recovery. We do this eight times per move. It sure gets your heart rate up.

BN Accelerator:
Do one move, repeat, and then add another. We usually apply this formula to 6 to 8 moves for 30 to 45 seconds each.

BN VIP Group: aka our fantastic community of extraordinary ladies all focused on the same goal: To live a healthy, fit, and vibrant life where age is just a number!



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