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Stay Motivated with THIS

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2022

Revisit Your Emotional Why

Instead of asking yourself how you feel,

ask yourself what do you really want.

How will your life change when you get there.

And how you can make it happen!?

I think of this quote often:

“If you really want to do something,

you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.”

Jim Rohn


Start Small

If you know you have a 40-minute cardio workout ahead of you, and you just don’t feel like it, start with just five minutes.

Say to yourself “I’ll do this for five minutes and if I’m just not into it, I can stop.”

Chances are you’ll continue for your entire workout.


Change Your Routine

Take your cardio outside. Go to the park to do your workout.

Head out for a hike! Changing things up will keep you motivated. Also set a goal before you start your workout and commit. Time yourself, increase your distance, or workout time. Record your results and compare to next time.


Reward Yourself

Promise yourself a non-food reward when you have completed your workout. For example, after my evening workout, I will have a warm bath with candles and herbal tea.


Reconnect with Pleasure Rather than Pain

This is a concept made popular by motivational speaker Tony Robbins. He calls this Neural Associations

The idea can be explained like this.

Everything we do in life is either connected with pleasure or pain. On the days that you’re just not into your workout, you are probably associating that workout with pain. For example, you’re busy with work and don’t have time to come to class, or you’re thinking about the physical pain of doing all of those lunges or burpees.

Rewire your brain to focus more on pleasure than pain.

Think of how great you'll feel AFTER that workout.

Think of how amazing you feel in your clothes when you know you’ve been working hard.

Think of the long-term health benefits of exercise like improved fitness level, stress relief and keeping up with your kids.

Know Your Worth

You cannot pour from an empty cup. When you're at your best, everyone benefits. You are worth the investment of time, money and resources. You are incredible and amazing. Remind yourself of that!


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