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How She Boosted Her Strength, Stamina, and Lean Muscle Mass Over 40

by Natalie Fisk

When Kirsten Weaver turned 40 she noticed that her already healthy choices weren’t cutting it anymore.  

“I noticed that the odd meal out would immediately go to my hips or tummy and didn't come off as easily. The more I worked out, the more tired I got, and I just wasn't seeing progress. I needed to change things up.”

Kirsten found BUFFnation and hasn’t looked back.  

“I started with one class a week and while I've never been the fitness class or gym membership type, I found that having that commitment and accountability, similar to being on a sports team, helped me stay motivated and engaged.”

Kirsten kept up with one class a week for two years and then added in a daily morning walk. 

She started to see a change in her body composition.  

“I definitely noticed a huge shift in muscle tone and an increase in body confidence.”

When the pandemic hit, Kirsten increased her workouts to...

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Lazy Summer? Six Ways to Reboot your Fitness this Fall and Feel Fantastic

Uncategorized Sep 05, 2021

It's been a fabulous summer.

Great weather.

Awesome holidays.

And dessert almost every night.

As the kids head back to school,

you know it's time to head back to routine.

But where on earth do you begin?

Right here! With our six steps

To reboot your total wellness this fall.

PS. It's an exciting time here at BUFFnation. Our new total wellness packages have dropped + our Fall Reset starts soon. Click HERE for all the info.

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Thank You for the Nomination!

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2021

** Voting OPEN now! ** 

Thank you so much for your nominations for this year's Reader's Choice Award. 🙌
We've made it to the top 10 for Women's Only Fitness Club!
Voting is now open. 😃
To cast your ballot, please go to the link below. 🔽
(If you don't have a Torstar Account, you will need to create one. It just takes a second. Confirm your email. Then click on this link again.)
Thank you so much for taking the time to nominate us!!
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This is 51! Climbing to New Heights

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2021

by Natalie Fisk, BN Team

Karen Leveque reached new heights this past June... literally!

Karen lives in Thunder Bay, Ontario,

home to many incredible hiking trails. 

The Chimney Trail at Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, or as Karen calls it, “the beast” has always eluded her. 

“If someone had asked me 10 years ago if I wanted to climb this,

it probably would’ve been a hard NO!  Because I’ve heard stories about that climb.”

But, in June 2021, at 51 years of age, Karen did it!

A gruelling 20 km and 35,000 steps later, she can now claim that she too, has also hiked that beast of a trail. 

“What a gratifying feeling to know that I dug so deep and was way out of my comfort zone and got it done!”

The BUFFnation Community

Getting stronger in mind and body are areas Karen has focused on with BUFFnation.  That’s what has helped her reach her goals, even ones that seemed unattainable. 

Since joining...

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Building Strength and Resilience One Workout at a Time

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2021

Nancy feels stronger, slimmer, and more fit every time she finishes a workout.

“When I need some strength to pick up something heavy, or just get a lid off a jar, I'm confident that I can do it. I love that feeling!” she says.

“I'm also very happy with the belts that I can keep tightening, and the clothes that need to be replaced (because they're too big!).”

Nancy has been a BUFFnation member since April 2019. She joined to lose some weight for a formal event. She started with one workout a week and built up from there.

She loved the atmosphere, the quick pace and the careful planning of the classes.

In March 2020, Nancy shifted from our in-person classes

to our online platform, and has been doing three workouts per week ever since.

She ensures dinner is ready early enough that she can join an evening LIVE class.  On those nights when things don’t go as planned, she loves the flexibility to

select a workout from the massive replay library. 


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The TRUTH about Hormones

fitness mindset Jul 15, 2021
Feeling out-of-sorts.
Craving sweet, salty and fatty foods.
I used to think it was all part of getting older. (I turned 45 last December)
But then I learned about the major connection that food and lifestyle have on hormones.
I feel incredible today.
In this short video, I share my top tips that have been life changing.
If you can relate to this content, please give it a like, and share with others who may benefit as well.
Also, if you’re looking for more direction and support, our new 6WK program starts in August.
Register by July 17th and get an extra 15% off + some amazing bonuses with code GOALGETTER.
Click HERE for more info.
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Turning Excuses into Opportunities

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2021

by Natalie Fisk, BN Team


Lorrie looks and feels the best she has in years.

“I feel incredible!” she says.

Lorrie is a longtime member of BUFFnation, but often struggled with staying engaged and consistent with class attendance. 

When the pandemic hit, she began working from home and made the decision to use her former commuting time for online workouts and meal prep. 

Lorrie has been consistent in attending three to four classes per week. 

She also power walks through her neighbourhood three times a week. 

Incredibly, she has stuck with that commitment for 18 months!

“I have lost inches and weight (8 lbs) and my clothes feel better. 

I am down a size in clothes and have definition in my muscles I have never had before.”

Lorrie has made a mindset shift and tells herself ‘I get to workout rather than I have to’.

She loves the way she feels after a workout or a power walk.

When asked how she enjoys the classes and...

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Summer Reset Weeks

Uncategorized Jul 06, 2021

Bonus Classes Ahead!

A quick reminder, we are heading into our annual Summer Reset weeks.

This is our short summer hiatus from LIVE classes, between training cycles. (The BN LIVE class season includes 7 consecutive 6-week cycles per year - and a short summer hiatus.)

(For the full training cycle calendar, CLICK HERE)

In past years, this pause has been three weeks - and then we hold our fall sessions back to back with no breaks.

This year, we’re adding BONUS classes - and coming back one week early! 

Plus, we're launching our new Summer Wins Event: Planks, Wellness and Gratitude


Summer Reset Weeks (No LIVE classes): July 19th to Aug. 2nd

Coming soon to your inbox! Express workouts, inspiring meditations, and Summer Wins Event details with PRIZES! Also, access to our No Excuse Replay Library and portals will remain active for BN members.


LIVE Bonus Classes

We’re back LIVE on Aug. 3rd with all scheduled classes for a BONUS week of training...

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BUFFnation's Great Canadian Workout

canada day workouts Jul 01, 2021


Happy Canada Day!
Slap shots.
West coast surfing.
We packed it all into an effective, (and certainly entertaining ) 40-min, multi-level sweat.
Back by popular demand, here's a replay of 2020's Great Canadian Workout.
Happy Canada Day!
Leslie and the BN Team
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Down 13 inches. Overflowing with self-love

Uncategorized Jun 30, 2021

An internal transformation like no other. 

“I am worthy, I am enough, I am loveable.” 

Kaeli’s mantra is so powerful.

“My body wasn't going to change no matter how hard I tried unless I changed my limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs.” 

Kaeli continues to take imperfect action while showing up for herself. She takes the time to sit quietly and listen. She chooses what gets her attention and focus.

A consistent meditation practice has been vital to her success.  

“The push-ups, the workouts, that’s all a bonus to the internal transformation that just kind of happened with all the self-care.”

Kaeli is an incredible member of our BUFFnation community in our VIP Facebook group. She shares her highs and lows. She motivates and supports other women. She even reached out to a perfect stranger in our group and was her accountability partner!   

“The support and motivation from the instructors and...

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