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Plateau-busting, hormone-balancing and awesome mood-inducing essentials for driven women 40 and over.

Hosted by Leslie Gordon Christie, Mindset and Weight-release coach, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and creator of BUFFnation 40+ and Fabulous. Leslie brings over 20 years experience in the wellness industry to this webinar. 


Learn How To

Exercise smarter, not harder. No more exhausting sessions on the treadmill! We'll share our number one strategy to get the best results in the least amount of time, doing effective exercises designed especially for women 40 and over.

Learn How To

Banish the bloat, control hormones, and crush cravings with our simple nutrition swap-outs and fast and simple no-measure, "always perfect" serving-size trick. Plus, we'll teach you the quickest way to drop inches WITHOUT exercise!

Learn How To

Switch your mood in an instant, and up level your mindset for incredible results. Learn how to bust stress and sleep better. Plus, we'll also share an easy strategy to eliminate negative thinking and mind-chatter so you can feel more calm, positive and happy.  

What We Stand For

BUFFnation stands for Beautiful, Unique, Fearless, Female, and we help driven women reclaim their energy, waistline and zest for life with our proven formula for total wellness. All our programs are online, empowering, and friendly to all fitness levels.

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