7-Weeks to a SHIFT

"How can I possibly represent the impact she has had on my life? I was dead, living like a zombie. She woke me with this course. There are just no words. If you are ready for a transformation, then she’s got your back." 


"I can't thank you enough, Leslie, this program is amazing!  I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to make positive changes in their lives."



 Go from stress, confusion, and anxiety, to clarity, confidence and purpose in this 7-week group coaching program designed as a starter-kit to personal development. 

Here's what you'll accomplish by the end:

  • Know with confidence why you're here - and what you're meant to do.
  • Have a defined c-type goal in-line with your purpose.
  • Upgrade your subconscious program for success, confidence, and abundance.
  • Learn to work in-line with the natural Laws of the Universe where life lines up, and feels absolutely amazing. 
  • Solidify daily high-vibe habits to integrate your new self-image.
  • Feel more positive, happy, and fulfilled as you enjoy more satisfaction in all areas of your life, including health, wellness, professional, financial, and relationships.

What's included:

✅ 7 modules, one released each week, and available for unlimited replay.

✅  Workbook 

✅  Access to SHIFT Facebook Group

✅  Guided visualizations and "tool kit" for integrating your new subconscious programs.

  Suggested reading to integrate new beliefs and habits. 

See our instalment option HERE. 

(Receive a bonus 1-on-1 coaching session when you pay in full. $120 value!)

$497 (Regular $597)