4-Part Virtual Coaching Event 


Master Your Mindset for Success, Fulfillment + Happiness


Apr. 18 to Apr. 21. 10:30 to 11:15 am ET daily. Replays will be available upon registration. 

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This four part virtual coaching event and workshop (about 45 minutes per day), is designed to help you get crystal clear on your purpose, ditch the overwhelm and indecision, and create a strong mindset for success, fulfillment and happiness.  

We have made this event friendly to all schedules and time zones, as we'll have daily replays available, complete with accountability to keep you on track. But you need to sign up to access!

Here's what else you'll come away with:

Nail Down Your Purpose

"Am I in the right job?" "Where do I go next?" "What am I truly passionate about?" Finally find the answers to these questions, and nail down your own destination.

Release Limitations

You'll learn to identify and release recurring limiting thought patterns keeping you stuck, unmotivated and scared. 

Create Your Success Program

You'll learn how to rebuild your self-image and tap into your incredible power within, so you can be, do, or have anything you desire.

I'M Leslie.

I'm a mom, wife, entrepreneur, and personal development addict.

Thirteen years ago I was able to radially transform my life from stressed-out, workaholic, news anchor, to happy, fulfilled, and peaceful entrepreneur living her passion. 

 I'm so grateful for my journey, and all that I've learned.

I can't wait to share it with you at this awesome event!

"This has been a lifechanging experience. I now see what's possible, rather than living on auto-pilot, especially coming out of the last few years"

Becky K.

"It has changed me as a mom, as a daugher, as a friend, and most importantly as a woman. It's helped me raise my vibration, be calm and patient, and has provided me with a sense of peace in the home."

Angie B.

4-Part Virtual Coaching Event + Workshop


Master Your Mindset for Success, Fulfillment + Happiness



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